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How to Keep Hair Healthy – One Thing You Learn at a School of Cosmetology West Palm Beach

Healthy hair. It’s something that everyone wants, but it can be difficult for most to achieve. Believe it or not, there’s actually a fair amount of science that goes behind healthy hair, whether it be in the way that hair is cut and styled, how it is maintained with products, and even how nutrition plays a role in healthy hair.

When you attend our cosmetology school West Palm Beach, you will learn numerous aspects of beauty treatment, including how to style and maintain hair to be at its healthiest. In the long run this will benefit your clients, and can help you to further your beauty career, no matter what your goals are.

Understand Hair When Starting Cosmetology School West Palm Beach

Cosmetology School West Palm BeachWhen you study at a school of cosmetology, you learn much more than general beauty culture and hairstyling. At the heart of it, you learn how to consult with clients to determine their needs, and help them to achieve whatever look or style that they’re seeking. In many cases, you will deal with clients who are frustrated at having damaged or unhealthy hair, and they will be looking to you for solutions on managing their hairstyle and general hair health.

Hair is much more than what we see on the outside. Inside the dermis is the root of the hair, which is known as the bulb. One fascinating thing about this bulb, is that it is able to divide faster than any other cell in the body. This is why we see hair grow so quickly, even in newborn babies. Hair growth is stimulated by muscle contractions, and our bodies also produce a substance called sebum which provides essential oil to the hair and the skin of the scalp. More sebum is produced in younger people, which is why children and teens appear to have hair that is visibly healthier than the average adult hair.

The hair shaft, which is the hair that we all see, is composed of keratin protein. It is made up of layers, and is no longer living. That’s right! All external hair is dead, which is why it can be so difficult to manage, keep moisturized, and keep healthy.

Although hair is no longer a living protein, it is possible to ensure that hair is in its healthiest state when it is first produced, which can then lead to healthier hair as it grows out. Foods that are rich in omega 3 acids, B12 vitamin, protein, and iron, can all contribute to healthier hair. An overall balanced diet that is rich in nutrients will help to maintain healthy hair, as vitamins and minerals stimulate activity in the cell, and around the bulb of the hair.

How Cosmetology Schools West Palm Beach Will Help You to Improve Hair Health

Knowing this, you may wonder what this might have to do with your own work when you become a practicing barber, stylist, or beauty consultant. The point is that no matter how healthy or unhealthy the hair might be, you still have the opportunity to improve the condition of the hair, and produce satisfying results for your future clients. Something as simple as a new style can drastically improve the appearance of hair.

Consider an example where a client has noticeable dry split ends, which are causing frizzy hair and breakages up the hair shaft. A simple trim can help to remove the damaged hair, and a keratin treatment could help to protect and improve the health of the rest of the hair shaft. You will learn the best healthy hair management tips at our cosmetology school West Palm Beach.

While products can be used to improve the health of hair, there are some products that can damage hair. Often, you will need to be able to recognize a particular hair type, to be able to determine the product needs of your client. A client that has tried chemical hair straightening may find that their hair has been damaged and dried out by incorrect application, or improper management after the treatment. Recognizing these signs will help you to recommend the right products and treatment. A client with naturally curly hair may be struggling to manage their curls, but with the right haircut, and regular treatment that keeps moisture in the hair, can be more voluminous and manageable, without frizz.  The body reacts to exercise simultaneously it’s always wise to add exercise to your regiment to maintain healthy hair.  Here are 23 exercises which can help with posture, hair beauty and fullness.

Choosing the Best Cosmetology School West Palm Beach

There are many different hair types, countless hairstyles, and all kinds of requests that you will receive from clients. When you choose a leading school for cosmetology West Palm Beach, you will learn the different ways of managing hair, and be able to provide exceptional service to your clients in the future, helping them to enjoy healthy hair that is styled in exactly the way that they want.

If you want the advantage of the best hands on training, then we can help you at the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers. With accredited programs and career assistance, we can ensure that you have the skills you need to succeed in your career as a trained cosmetologist.


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