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Learn the Basics of Skincare with a Cosmetology School

Many people are faced with a variety of skin problems, while other people enjoy pampering themselves and taking care of their skin. Yet, many people are unaware of how to take care of their skin, and end up going to a salon or spa for the professionals to take care of them. With this in mind, careers in skin care are desirable. If you are interested in learning about skin care, attend Hollywood Institute’s Cosmetology School.

About Esthetician Training & Skin Care School at Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers

Hollywood Institute of Beauty CareersThe Hollywood Institute prepares students for careers and beauty and skin care. In this program, the students learn the biological foundation of the skin. This goes beyond the basics to being able to recognize and identify lesions in the skin and diseases. Also, students will learn how to treat the skin, especially problematic skin, such as oily, dry, comedomes, acne, and more. Oily skin is a problem that many people face. The body naturally produces oils in the skin to keep it healthy and moist. However, many times, the body will over produce oil, which can lead to blemishes and acne. Dry skin happens for a variety of reasons, whether you are using a harsh cleanser to fight against oily skin, or it could be the winter weather or a hormone problem. Comedomes are small, skin colored papules that are usually located on the forehead and on the chin, especially on those people with acne. Acne is the inflammation or infection of the sebaceous glands in the skin, which cause red pimples.

Along with learning the biology and treatment of the skin problems, students will learn a variety of procedures, to include microdermabrasion and glycolic and botanical peels. Lastly the skin care and esthetics program at the Hollywood Institute teaches students how to conduct skin consultations and analysis. From here, students will know the best methods to cleaning the skin and performing facials and massages.

Beauty School at the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers

Along with skin cleansing practices and treatment options, students attending the esthetician training and skin care school at the Hollywood Institute will also learn how to do professional make up application practices and techniques. This includes make up application as well as color analysis, lash and brown tinting, and other beauty services. Part of the Skin Care program also includes body waxing, such as eyebrows, and eyebrow contouring. Following the completion of the Skin Care Technician & Esthetics Program at the Hollywood Institute, graduates of the program will be able to apply for state registration and be employed in the beauty industry as a certified Esthetician.

Affordable Cosmetology School in Hollywood, West Palm Beach, and Orlando, Florida

It is no surprise that you may be questioning cosmetology school cost. Tuition at the Hollywood Institute is $4,810. Including the registration fee ($150), cost of books ($132), uniform cost ($52), cost of kit ($454), Lab Fee ($104), Student ID fee ($25), creates a total of $5,802. There are financial aid options to also consider. If you fill out the free federal student aid application, you may qualify for the need based federal Pell grant. Unlike loans, Pell grants do not need to be repaid. You may also qualify for subsidized or unsubsidized loans. Subsidized loans are where the government pays the interest of the loan while the student is in school and interest is charged when the student begins repaying the loan. Unsubsidized loans accrue interest until the loan is full.

Top Cosmetology School in Miami: Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers

The Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers offers people the opportunity to enroll in a skin care and esthetician program that can lead to a lifelong career. This Institute grants you the opportunity to participate in a hybrid program, where you get the hands on training, giving you the skills you need to make it in the real world. Whether you are interested in the barber school program, skin and makeup, nails, or another beauty service, the Hollywood Institute is the best cosmetology school in Miami.

Do What You Love: Beauty School in Hollywood

Hollywood Institute of Beauty CareersThere are so many reasons that people choose careers in the beauty industry. One of the most popular reasons is the amount of growth you have from the get-go. You have the option to be your own boss as soon as you are out of the classroom. While many people believe that beauticians are born with the talent, it is through passion and training that allows people to be successful in this industry. Being in the beauty industry allows you to take your work with you! You can work from your own home or go to your clients. You can also have job security, as a job in the beauty industry has no boundaries—people are always going to invest in themselves.

You also have the ability to make your own hours. If you work best in the evenings, schedule your appointments then. Or, if you want to take a vacation—you don’t have to ask for permission to take it off. You just have to schedule your appointments for other times. Do what you want to do for work. Some people dread going to work everyday, you do not have to be one of these people. If you are passionate about beauty, you will love what you do everyday. Contact the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers for more information about the programs available at 954-922-5505 or fill out the information request form at hi.edu.


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