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Learn to Keep Nails Protected at a Cosmetology School in Orlando

Thinking of studying for a new career? Cosmetology is a rapidly growing field with a demand for skilled professionals to take the helm. Here at our cosmetology school in Orlando students will learn everything they need to know to pursue a meaningful career. Once they leave they’ll have the skills necessary to pursue new opportunities to be successful in their career field.

One of the cornerstones of cosmetology is how to care properly for different aspects of anatomy. This includes knowing how to properly care for hair, nails, and skin. Each part of the human anatomy is a complex system and requires specialized care for them to remain healthy.

What Do Healthy Nails Look Like?

affordable cosmetology school in OrlandoOur affordable cosmetology school in Orlando teaches students about human anatomy and the complex systems involved with caring for hairs, nails, and skin. Caring for nails properly starts with knowing how they look when they’re healthy.

Nails are composed of several laminated layers of protein that are called keratin. Keratin grows from the base of the nail underneath the cuticle. Cosmetologists can tell fingernails are healthy if they’re smooth without any grooves or pits. The nails should be uniform in color and consistency without any discoloration. Nails can develop vertical ridges near the tip that are completely harmless. Vertical ridges do become more prominent as we age, but they’re harmless. Fingernails can also develop spots or white lines because injury, but these will gradually go away as the nail grows.

Problems to Look Out For With Nails

Nails can develop their own problems just like other complex systems of the body. Cosmetologists will learn to recognize the warning signs when nail health starts to go south. They may have to suggest or recommend their clients consult a dermatologist or doctor if they notice certain nail conditions.

Cosmetologists should recommend their clients see a medical professional if they notice the following with their nails:

  • Pain or swelling around the nail area
  • Dark streaks underneath the nail or changes in the color of the nail
  • Bleeding around the nail area
  • Nail changes shape, like becoming curled
  • Nail is separating from the skin
  • Nail is thickening or thinning out

Any of these warning signs could indicate a serious underlying problem with the nail.

How to Properly Care for Nails

Cosmetology School in OrlandoSeveral factors contribute to the health of nails including diet, lifestyle, and how they’re cared for properly. There is a way to care for nails properly so they stand a higher chance of remaining full and healthy over the course of a lifetime. Cosmetologists are usually the first people to see the condition of their client’s nails and can often recommend the best way to care for them properly.

Keeping fingernails clean and dry is the first step towards keeping them healthy. Bacteria can grow underneath fingernails, so keeping this area clean prevents it from happening. Prolonged contact with water causes nails to grow soft and in many cases they often become split. Wearing rubber gloves when working with harsh chemicals or washing dishes helps to keep nails dry.

Good nail hygiene is another great way to keep nails looking whole and healthy. Only use sharp clippers or scissors when trimming nails and always cut them straight across. Round the tips off in a gentle curve so they don’t have sharp edges while they’re growing. Moisturizer can also be used to keep cuticles and nails healthy. Using a gentle hand lotion is enough and can be rubbed gently into fingernails and cuticles.

Individuals who have brittle or weak nails do have a few options to help strengthen them. They can apply a nail hardener which adds a protective layer to make it stronger. This is not a permanent solution however since the nail hardener does have to be reapplied eventually. There are some individuals who take biotin supplements to help strengthen weak fingernails.

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