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Looking for a New Career? Consider Being a Massage Therapist


If you’re looking for a gratifying career that lets you make others feel great about themselves, then massage therapy school could be the perfect fit for you!

Imagine aiding an athlete in recovery or helping a worn-down businessman feel revived after a hard week of traveling and meetings. Helping others feel good and renewed is a fulfilling career move.

Be a Part of an Expanding Industry

Massage therapy is a growing and promising field. There is always a need for massage therapy with clients who have major workloads and need to decompress or recover. These jobs are abundant and growing every year.

There are more than 80 different techniques used in massage therapy. Between reflexology, deep tissue, acupressure, orthopedic and more, there is sure to be a massage style that your hands can master.

Being in this profession requires certification and licensing. Because of the flexibility available for schooling hours, you will be able to earn your certification in little time with classes offered day or night and on several campuses. It is a great career to consider if you are looking to learn a new skill while maintaining your job.

Being a massage therapist is a useful and appreciated profession. A massage therapist could work in a hospital, spa, cruise ship, medical center, chiropractor’s office, resort, hotel, sports facility and other areas. The career fields are seemingly endless!

Often times, massage therapists work for a business or in a “freelance” manner, in which they travel for clients or work out of their own home. The salary of a massage therapist is based on which field they choose, so jobs may be commissioned or salaried.

If you are considering a career in massage therapy and are unsure of how to begin the process, contact us at the Hollywood Institute of Cosmetology. We will be more than happy to help you build a better future today.

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