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Three Tips from a Skin Care School that will Result in Better Makeup

Three Tips from a Skin Care School that will Result in Better Makeup

The foundation of a strong education is a must in today’s world of skilled professionals. A skin care school teaches students how to help their client to maintain and achieve clear and youthful skin. Students will learn how to master techniques deal with a variety of skin types and the treatments necessary to keep them healthy.

Students will have hours of practice and training to perfect their technique in this area of study. They will also receive the licensing they need in order to take advantage of the opportunities in the industry. One of the areas of study students will cover is makeup and how to use it to achieve desirable results. Makeup can be an issue to deal with depending on the skin type of the person and how it’s applied. There are a few tips and tricks to have better makeup and ultimately will lead to more youthful and clear looking skin.


Skin Care SchoolThe human skin naturally produces its own oils throughout the day that can get stuck on the surface of the skin. Oily skin can cause pores to become more prominent by trapping debris.  In addition to enlarged pores and blackheads and can lead to other more serious blemishes. Cleaning the skin twice daily with a cleanser clears away this debris and clear away residual oils that may have been left behind.

Exfoliating too will help skin to retain a youthful and young appearance. Dead skin is another challenge to deal with since it’s the layer that sits on the surface. Exfoliating at least once a day right before bed is often recommended and even helps to reduce the prominent appearance of pores for people who have oily skin.

Keeping the skin clear and clean also prepares it for other products to be used on it too. Makeup will adhere better to the surface of the skin and be easier to remove afterwards.

Use Your Fingers

Foundation takes a bit of time and practice to master and applying it can prove to be a bit of a challenge. Application doesn’t have to be a battle though since you can use your fingers to apply it evenly. Using your fingers give you more control over where the foundation is going and the application process will not feel as complicated. Smoothing it out is fairly easy and you’ll enjoy a sheer coverage by using your fingers instead of a brush.

Individuals who still prefer a brush can use one to apply foundation, but it’s meant for a more medium and polished coverage instead. Certain makeup techniques like contouring will still require certain tools like a beauty blender for an even finish on the surface of the skin, but regardless is still effective. Using your fingers to apply foundation however is a good way to put makeup on quickly when there’s no brush available to use.

Baby Powder

Skin Care SchoolPowder seals in makeup and prevent it from coming off after application. Powder is also used to dim down shinier spots of makeup in order to achieve a natural appearance so it becomes less noticeable. Makeup techniques like contouring require a clear, loose powder for the finishing touch. Adding this same powder to other makeups is also a good way to achieve a natural appearance without making it obvious.

Baby powder is the perfect in between since it’s loose, translucent, and adheres nicely to the surface of the makeup. When usual powder you use isn’t available, baby powder is the perfect substitute when you need it to be.

Skin care schools are there to help prepare students for their career by equipping with the tools necessary to pursue new job opportunities. We make sure students are prepared to enter the industry as trained professionals by providing them with hours of training to perfect their technique. When you’re ready to take that next step into your new career, be sure to let us know so we can get the process underway.


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