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Four Makeup Application Tips from our Cosmetology School in West Palm Beach

Four Makeup Application Tips from our Cosmetology School in West Palm Beach

Cosmetology School in West Palm Beach

Makeup application is a large part of the West Palm Beach cosmetology school . Students learn how to apply makeup effectively and to bring out the best features in their clients. Makeup can be tricky to work with and understanding the right application process can make it last longer. We have a few tips we wanted to share from out school to make makeup application effective and longer lasting for up and coming cosmetologists.

1) Preparation

The first step towards proper makeup application is to exfoliate and cleanse the face before putting any on. Most people skip this step and go straight towards applying makeup in the morning, afternoon, or evening when they’re planning on heading out. While this is fine, the makeup won’t adhere to the skin correctly.

Cleansing the skin through exfoliation cleans out the pores of any oils or debris that may have collected in them throughout the day or night. Proper exfoliation will help to remove any leftover makeup from a previous application to leave the skin feeling nice and fresh. Clean skin also allows makeup to adhere to it better and has less of a chance of coming off several hours later.

2) Plastic Spoon and Mascara

Plastic spoons are excellent for applying mascara, at least on your bottom lashes. This technique is great for keeping mascara on your lashes instead of applying them to your skin. Place the plastic spoon underneath your bottom lashes and gently begin to apply the mascara.

The protection of the spoon allows you to apply a thicker and even coat along the bottom lashes. This also cuts down on the chances of making a messing when applying eyeshadow and mascara too.

3) Use Neutralizing Colors

Cosmetology School in West Palm BeachOne of the main points of using makeup is to use it to highlight the best features of the face or to hide blemishes. This can be difficult even when the highest quality concealers and powders to hide unsightly blemishes. The secret to hiding unwanted skin blemishes is to use the color wheel to your advantage.

Understanding how to neutralize colors you don’t like on your skin is easy when you understand certain combinations cancel each other out. You’ll probably notice many makeup kits have a variety of colors that aren’t skin toned. These are for canceling out the colors of certain blemishes so they don’t show through your concealer. The color red for example is canceled by green and won’t show through. Once you’ve neutralized red makeup can be applied over green which won’t show through as easily.

4) Clumpy Mascara No More

Mascara has to be replaced every three to four months, at least that’s the recommendation. Most people may find themselves replacing their own bottles sooner because it becomes lumpy once it has dried on the eyelashes. Pumping the bottle for more mascara application is a major no-no too since it causes air to get into the bottle. The air causes the mascara to dry out faster so it has to be replaced frequently.

The key is to adding a drop or two of Visine into your tube of mascara. Visine is a brand used to keep eye drops moist, but any will do. Once the drops have been added just rub the wand around the inside of the tube for a few seconds. The eye drops soften up any hardened mascara liquid and applying it is much easier. Certainly an excellent way to breathe new life into a bottle of mascara that’s only a few weeks old.

Our cosmetology schools West Palm Beach teach students techniques to utilize makeup to their advantage. Highlighting the key parts of the face, toning down other features, and just bringing out the best in a client. Makeup doesn’t have to be difficult, but instead just takes bit of creativity to work correctly and achieve amazing results.



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