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Massage Therapy vs. Massage and Skin Care Program: What’s The Difference?

Massage Therapy vs. Massage and Skin Care Program: What’s The Difference?

Are you thinking about a career in massage, and wondering what kind of program might work for you? If you’ve checked out the course offerings from one of the nation’s most renowned beauty schools, the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, then you know you can choose between the Massage Therapy school and the Esthetician & Massage school.

Both are top-notch, highly-rated massage programs that will prepare you for work in the beauty and wellness field, but they do have a few differences.

Topics Covered

While the Massage Therapy School focuses solely on massage techniques and bodily wellness of clients, the Esthetician and Massage program incorporates beauty elements as well. Specifically, students in this program will learn:

  • Makeup application
  • Color analysis
  • Lash and brow tinting
  • Body waxing
  • Eyebrow contouring

… in addition to massage. The main difference between the two programs is simply the addition of these extra topics, so if you are interested in beauty as well as massage, the more comprehensive program is for you. If you’d simply like to focus on increasing your clients’ health through massage, stick to Massage Therapy School.

Length of Program

Due to the increased number of topics taught in the Massage and Skin Care program, it is a bit longer than the Massage Therapy program. While the Massage and Skin Care program clocks in at 54 weeks, or just over a year, the Massage Therapy program can be completed in seven months by students attending full time and in nine months for students attending the evening class offerings. Because of the increased teachings and length of the program, the Massage and Skin Care option also costs slightly more, but is still quite reasonably priced.

Massage Techniques Taught

In this case, the two programs are exactly the same. Both teach a wide variety of massage techniques and prepare you for your license in massage therapy upon graduating from the program. Among the massage techniques taught are Swedish, sports, chair and deep tissue approaches, as well as hydrotherapy and reflexology, which offer the same healing benefits to recipients.

If you’re interested in either of these programs, you can find out more by filling out the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers’ web form at the right of the page, or you can call the phone numbers listed along the top. We’d love to help you find your new calling today, so don’t wait!

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