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Nail Technician Basics: What are French Nails?

Nail Technician Basics: What are French Nails?

When you attend a nail technician school in Hollywood Florida, there is a good chance that you ‘re going to hear all about the different types of nails, from the liquid to gels, and of course, French nails. So, here’s a question: what is a French nail? Does it speak French? Can it do anything special? Well, the first thing that you need to know is that a French manicure is pretty much the answer for any style trend. Quite frankly, it will go with just about anything, so there is no need for you to change your nails with every single trend. As a matter of fact, the French manicure has managed to stand the test of time unlike nearly any other type of nail treatment out there. Seriously, if you were alive in the 30’s, you probably saw it, and you’re going to see it even more today. As for where the style came from, no one is sure, but when you attend nail tech classes, you’re definitely going to learn how to do it.

Staying Power Like you Wouldn’t Believe

Though the exact origins of the French manicure are widely unknown, it has some serious staying power. There are some fashion experts that state it’s going out of style but you know what? Women all over the world request it at salons, and if you’re a more mature dresser, there is very little that it won’t match. So hey, they’re versatile, and you know what else is cool about them? They’re a look that you can pull of naturally. In fact, unless a person is actually examining your nails they might actually start to wonder if you’re even wearing any nail polish at all. If you’re someone who loves going with the all natural look, then this is definitely the way to go.

A few Things to Understand

school of nail technicianGiving someone a French manicure really is giving them an amazing gift, however, it is critical that it be done right. This is something that you will learn at a school of nail technician, so get ready to learn the art of perfection. French nails, in order to look amazing, will need to have a perfect, white tip, and while it can be difficult, it is definitely doable, and with practice, it becomes a breeze. Once you learn to administer French manicures, you’re going to become quite popular, and you’ll definitely draw in clients.

A Last Look at What French Manicure Is

For the stylists that still love to administer these manicures, there is an attitude of ‘If you can’t do it right, don’t do it at all’. They have a point, and we totally agree with it. If you’re going to do a French nail, you don’t want a thick, pasty tip. You want to make an elegant statement and you want people to recognize your work – simple as that.

At its core, the French manicure, or a pedicure, if you will, is a very specific style of nail painting that creates a natural looking, clear, pink, or nude tone. This type of treatment can be achieved on just about any nail type so long as the nail is in good condition. It could be a natural nail, acrylic, or even artificial. You can do some amazing things and achieve an amazing effect with French nails, so give it a try!

Nail technician schools in Hollywood Florida can provide you with the education that you need to properly execute this technique along with many others. Call us today to learn how you can gain your education and move on to your future career.


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