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Nail Work: Three Types of Nails You’ll Do in the Industry

Nail Work: Three Types of Nails You’ll Do in the Industry

An affordable cosmetology school West Palm Beach can be a great launching point for a long and rewarding career. If you are someone who is passionate about fashion and beauty, and you love to deliver great customer service, then a nail technology program could give you the skills that you need to succeed. At the Hollywood Institute school for cosmetology West Palm Beach, you can learn about all aspects of nail care, ranging from safety protocols and sanitation methods, to hand massage techniques and different types of cosmetic nail finishing.

Whether you’ve already set your mind on cosmetology school, or if you’re still getting an idea of what you’ll be learning, these three specialist manicure techniques could help to inspire you.

Learn the Standard Manicure at Cosmetology School in West Palm Beach

The basic manicure is the foundation of any nail work and helps to improve the health and physical appearance of nails. There are many different techniques to achieving a basic manicure, and many nail technicians will develop their own variations with experience in the industry.

A manicure will typically begin with applying a special cream or lotion to cuticle areas around the nails. Hands are left to soak in a special nail bath in warm water. With training, you’ll learn to then dry the hand and dress the nails and cuticles appropriately. Different clients will want different styles, whether that be trimmed short nails, or longer square or oval nails. A hand massage during the manicure will help to relax the client and promote good blood circulation. You’ll also apply a standard nail polish coat, or a simple clear coat if it is preferred by the client.

French Manicure

nail technician utilizing her tool kit at workOne of the most popular and timeless styles, the French manicure will be something that you’ll be eager to learn at our affordable cosmetology school West Palm Beach. This manicure allows for a clean style that is both elegant and eye catching, without being garish. This manicure is characterized by the unpolished base nails, finished with a white or cream tip. It takes a lot of skill, patience, and a steady hand to perfect the French manicure, but once you have it, you’ll find that it’s one of the most valuable styles in your manicure skill set. When catering to high-end clients, the French manicure will be one of your most requested services.

There are some variations of this style, somewhere the base nail is lightly finished in pink or beige. There’s also a reverse French manicure, where the tips are left naked and the base nails feature a striking nail polish color.

Airbrushed Natural or Acrylic Nails

Airbrushed nails look fantastic, and can allow you to offer unique, colorful, designer looks to your future clients. You don’t need to be an expert artist to airbrush nails, and many technicians prefer to use stencils instead of freehand designs. However, if you do have the skill, then freehand could give you an additional point of differentiation over your competition. Airbrushing can be performed over natural nails or acrylic nails and offers clients a way to get a manicure and nail finish that is completely their own. There is also high-end artificial nail options that come pre finished with striking designs.

Develop Your Skills at Hollywood Institute School for Cosmetology West Palm Beach

If you’re ready to take your passion to another level and turn it into a career, then it’s time to start exploring your options at the Hollywood Institute. We offer a range of programs at our school for cosmetology West Palm Beach, including a comprehensive nail technician course that will prepare you for Florida State registration.

Call us today to explore your options, enquire about course requirements, and enroll for an upcoming program. Your career awaits you, and we’ll provide you with the knowledge that you need to take you there.


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