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Is an online barber school in Miami a right choice for your career?

online barber school in MiamiGetting a nice shave and a haircut is something you need to have no matter what the economic condition of a country you live. Barbering or a barber shop is one of those places that always stay open and up for business even in an economic downturn of a country. To be a successful barber you must understand that fashion and style keeps evolving and staying up to date is one of the pre-requisites.

Learning how to cut hair or a good shave is an art that can only be learned through practice. In real world, getting hands on experience is difficult as you may need a state’s license to practice. To get a license, you must first enroll in an affordable barber school in Miami to get started with a career that will pay for itself.

There are several benefits you may have heard about becoming a barber but there are things you may not know about why you should attend a barber school. A top barber school in Miami can teach you some innovate skills combined with traditional way of cutting hair. When attending a barber school you can learn all about cutting, coloring, trimming, styling, shaving and other things to learn about facial hair and treatments.

Why should you learn from a school of Barber in Miami?

Barbershops can be found everywhere. Although the standards of the shop may vary from place to place, the basic essence of getting a perfect haircut and shave remains the same. Following are the things you will learn while attending Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers:

  • All the basic and advanced essentials of haircut and styling with latest practices in the field that may improve a person’s appearance.
  • Learn how to use straight razor for shaving and styling beards, mustaches and other facial hairs.
  • Understand how you can stay up to date on latest styles and cuts.
  • Skill development, professionalism and maintaining a presentable personality that comforts the client.
  • Learn different laws on facial hair governing the State of Florida.
  • Apart from the basics of hair styling, students will also learn how to keep proper sanitation standards that are required.

barber school in MiamiWe at Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers aim to offer you with knowledge you can use to become a licensed barber in Miami. Below are the things you will get while attending our barber school in Miami:

  • Get Hands-On Training at Our Advanced Facilities: With a hybrid learning system that includes online classes plus a compulsory hands on training that will include hundreds of haircut to make you proficient in your field. Our hands on training program will make you an expert and allow you to start a job or your own business without getting any experience from a barber shop.
  • Flexible Schedules: Unlike schools that force students to come in everyday, we do not believe in pushing students. However, we try to accommodate by providing flexible timings with the help of online classes and visits to our location.
  • Small Classes: Having a class of 40 students results in inefficiency and ineffectiveness of the program taught. Having small classes enables our teachers to interact with each student so that overall class participation is increased and no one is left behind.
  • Career Service Advisors Available: Our policy to help students find better placement opportunities after graduation. Our placement office can help you find a job that suits your training at our school.

Post training benefits of a Barber school in Miami

Compared to any other university programs that need you to attend the University for almost 4 years, attending the barber school only requires you to graduate within 1 year. The programs are flexible that gives a chance to students to work while they attend the school.

Unlike other careers that need you to work around the clock in a specific work environment, barbers can work almost anywhere and anytime they wish. They can work any amount of hours per week. The hours will depend the amount you can earn. Not to mention the tips you can earn if you perform good.

Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers is an affordable barber school in Miami that offers professional training in barbering that can lead you to apply for a state license in barbering. Our programs include online classes and hands on training that will make you ready to perform in the real world.


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