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Popular Trends in Cosmetics for 2015

Beauty trends this year have been full of bright bold colors and stand out techniques with just enough natural glam to not look overdone. We have seen stars like Kylie Jenner bring forth full lips to the masses and make up gurus help the everyday woman master the art of contouring. So far, the trends for 2015 have been unique and eye catching.


For the lips, bold shades like deep plums and rich chestnuts have dominated the winter months. The great thing about dark yet vibrant colors like those is that they tend to look great on any skin color. Women with pale peachy skin, olive toned skin, to deep chocolate shades can wear rich and dark colors and look amazing. As the seasons change, the weather evokes a lighter, more translucent pink, coral, and nude tones. Lip liners, something that had been left in the era of side ponytails, has made a huge come back this year. Women have found that with a few liner tricks, they can make their lips look fuller without the intensely annoying tingly feeling of lip plump balm.


Just like the plum color that was popular for the lips, plum has made an appearance as an eye lid color as well. What is great about a rich, pigmented plum eye shadow is that the wearer can apply it lightly for a day look or mix it with a sparkly black or gray tones for a smokey eye night look.


2015 can be regarded as the year of high brow expectations. While everyone is on the same page that eyebrows must be groomed, tweezed, and plucked to perfection, the shape of the brow is a personal decision. What is clear for 2015 brow trends is that they must be groomed and obviously drawn on brows are not acceptable. While in previous years, women were filling in their brows with brow pencils, 2015 has been the year of brow gels with many make up lines like Anastasia Beverly Hill and Urban Decay.


Kim Kardashian showed us in 2015 that a slim face and prominent cheek bones is just a matter of excellent contouring skills. With a myriad of foundations, primers, and concealers, contouring has women changing their entire look with no surgery involved.

Women are taking trends and making them their own which makes 2015 the year to stand out with your own personal style. With a training in cosmetology at Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers you have the opportunity to learn the latest beauty techniques and trends. Check out our website and learn more about the cosmetology program today!

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