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Should you Enroll in Skin Care Programs?

Should you Enroll in Skin Care Programs?

Studying for a new career is an investment of time, dedication, and finances that can benefit people with a rewarding experience. Our skin care programs equip students with the necessary knowledge to pursue a fulfilling career in the industry and to market themselves effectively in a challenging economy.

What’s the job outlook in this area of study? What can potential students expect once they’ve completed their studies and graduated? How does skin care help people? We’ll answer these questions and more on how skin care is essential in the professional and medical field; and we’ll even take a brief glimpse at the expected career outlook and growth for this profession.

What do Skin Care Specialists Do?

Skin care specialists, referred to as estheticians too, provide a variety of services to their clients. They’re knowledgeable in skin treatments like applying makeup, cleansing and exfoliating, wax and laser, and moisturizing to improve the condition of their client’s skin. They often make recommendations to clients to improve their skin quality and health to enhance their appearance further. Estheticians may educate their clients on performing certain skin care treatments like creams or lotions, face washes, and even how to apply makeup depending on the regimen.

What Do You Need to Succeed in This Career Field?

Skin CareOut skin care school teaches students how to effectively market themselves once they enter the industry, but before entering into this career field people need to be aware of what it takes to succeed.

Enjoying interacting with other people is a must in this career field. Skin care specialists will often be face-to-face with their clients since they’re job is to help them look their best. Clients will often have questions about skin care regimens or whether certain products will be good for them. Skin care specialists help people to look their best and many have found great fulfillment in doing this line of work. Specialists will need to be able to catch serious skin issues and refer their client to a dermatologist if necessary.

What’s the Job Outlook for the Skin Care Specialist Field?

Why study for a new career that doesn’t have a promising job outlook, right? Thankfully, the field has opportunities for growth and can even lead to other careers. According to the BLS, the employment projection growth for skin care specialists is 12% from 2014 to 2024. This growth is faster than average compared to other occupations, so there will be positions available. The growth is driven by mostly women clients, but an increasing number of men have been going to see skin care specialists in recent years.

What is Some of the Training Required to Succeed in this Profession?

Each state has different educational requirements when it comes to the field of skin care specialists. Every state except Connecticut does require skin care specialists to complete an esthetician or cosmetology program to obtain their license. The educational requirements can vary depending on the state too, with courses ranging from 300 hours to 1,500 hours combined with courses. The average time spent studying in class is about 600 hours to receive a license students have to past a practical and written exam.

Even once you complete your program and receive your degree, you’ll still receive on the job training. Estheticians are expected to stay up to date on the constantly changing market and medical advancements made in this field. Those who stay up to date on these latest developments and treatments have a higher chance of succeeding and providing better service to their clients.

Studying in our skin care program to become an esthetician can be a rewarding and fulfilling career. You’ll be helping people to look their best and work with them to take care of their skin. People who study in this career field have even gone on to work in places like spas, nursing homes, and even doctor’s offices.


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