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Straight Hair vs. Curly Hair – Learn the How and Why at a Cosmetology School West Palm Beach

One of the most immense frustrations that salon patrons have is that of curly hair. There are some people who are absolutely fine with their curly hair but there are most definitely those who would much rather have the perfectly straight strands. It’s a source of great envy in some cases! As any cosmetology school West Palm Beach will gladly tell you, there are plenty of ways to straighten curly hair, though you should first try to understand exactly what it is that makes your hair curly in the first place. Let’s go over the science behind it!

The Science of Curly Hair as Told by Our Cosmetology School West Palm Beach

It is known that genetics do affect hair significantly, but through research science has been able to determine that the curvature of hair depends on the follicle. An asymmetrical follicle, for example, will produce curly hair. Symmetrical follicles on the other hand will grow straight hair. Once again, this is all determined by the genetic lottery, and of course can be influenced with certain hair products. It should also be noted that curly hair has uneven keratin distribution which definitely contributes to its state. A little known fact is that even those with symmetrical follicles can end up with curly hair. EGFR clusters on the outer root of a follicle sheathe can regulate the growth of hair, and certain drugs which inhibit those receptors can cause a patient to develop curly hair.

Hair Straightening With Products

Cosmetology School West Palm BeachAt our school of cosmetology West Palm Beach we will help you to learn how to straighten hair using a wide range of products. The most common however is going to be a hair straightener, and knowing how they work is a must. Most straighteners in the industry work the same, relaxing a curl by distorting and sailing the hydrogen bond in hair. This temporarily relaxes the curl and straightens the follicles. It doesn’t last forever, but it will last for several hours – long enough to get you through the day or through that event you absolutely have to attend. We’re not going to mince words there: a hair straightener can work some serious miracles, even if it’s not permanent.

If you are going to use a hair straightener either on yourself or in your line of work, it is imperative that you use it properly. One thing to note is that wet hair is typically not good for use with a straightener, though damp, freshly shampooed hair can be used. Before you can use a hair straightener you will need to apply a heat protectant to keep it from being burned – this is imperative, especially if you want yourself or your client to go home without split ends or that dreaded burnt smell that comes so often from salon related mistakes.

There are several different types of heat protectant on the market, the first being the typical spray bottle which works well but tends to provide more saturation along with reduced coverage. There are many who will swear by spray bottles as they cause no damage to the environment. IF you want to take it up a notch however, then you might want to take a look at the available aerosol canisters which provide more coverage and more even distribution of the product. As always, these should be used on slightly damp hair to prevent issues both immediate and in the future. It’s a method that requires precision and when done right can produce amazing results.

Our affordable cosmetology school West Palm Beach can give you the skills you need to make sure that your flat iron works well and that you are using it correctly. It’s all about technique and a combination of the right products. Let us teach you this valuable skill along with several others that will take you far in the field of cosmetology. It’s a big field with a lot of great possibilities – don’t let them pass you by!


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