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Summer Nail Design Trends from Orlando Beauty School Students

With spring comes more than warm weather; it’s an opportunity for something new! After a particularly difficult winter across the country, there has never been so much excitement for bright colors and sunny new trends. Students at cosmetology school in Orlando, Florida don’t spend too much time wishing for sun, but they do work tirelessly to observe, master, and innovate with the latest beauty trends.

The Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers’ Orlando campus has several cosmetology programs, including Nail Technician School. The beauty school is a part of Orlando’s thriving culture of arts and entertainment, nicknamed “The City Beautiful;” it’s a community where creativity thrives. For students at Hollywood Institute, nail beauty combines art and science for self-expression. This spring, students will be learning and getting hands-on practice recreating spring nail trends from the runway and as seen on Orlando’s streets.

Here are some of the nail trends you can expect to see this spring:

· Neon is back this spring! Celebrate the warm weather with super bright, unexpected shades like neon yellow.
· Orange is making an appearance in several shades. Pair this nail color with a popular sweet cream of your choice, or wear it with another pastel shade to avoid looking too “cutesy.”
· Metallic hues are being repurposed in a unique way. Either with multicolored sequins layered on top, or metallic shine made exceptionally unique with a cool matte finish.
· You’ll find that old favorite; Essie’s Wicked is still applicable year round and never more chic than when paired with a creamy sun dress and dark tinted sunglasses.

These hot nail art trends will be walking the streets of Orlando this spring. Beauty school students are busily honing their skills to bring innovative nail designs and fashion trends to the world of cosmetology after graduation. Cosmetology school is a great way to blend a lucrative career with self-expression. If you have a passion for nail art, or any other beauty school courses, check out the most recent classes at the Orlando beauty school by liking the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers on Facebook!

Fans of nail art know that the trend has barely arrived; in fact, it’s just getting started! And even if you’re the chosen manicurist in your group of friends—you know, the one who always has the best tools, the eye for color combination, master of the stylish ombre technique, the gentlest touch—there’s always room to learn something else! At the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, the South Florida cosmetology school will teach aspiring professionals everything they need to succeed in the field of nail art and skin care.

So why choose nail art? It’s the next step in design! If you’re going to take the time to manicure, polish, and perfect your nails, why leave it at a flat gloss or matte shade? Nail art allows the client to show off his or her personality, express a preference for trends, colors, styles, shapes, designs, and so much more! And, as a technician at the beauty school in South Florida, you’ll have the opportunity to learn nail and skin care in its entirety. You’ll be an expert in the field, from internal health to external appearance, and will be able to find a career in any salon and spa setting you choose!

It may be all over Hollywood—celebrity “mani-cam” is now a must-have at red carpet events; A-list stars tweet in support of their favorite salons, and more—but nail art is simply a must-have today. From swirling, glittery, and contoured designs to over-the-top additions (including gems and fake tips), your nails are a representation of who you are. Help people unlock their creative side and refine your nail art technique today!

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