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Take Advantage of Cosmetology School by Following These 6 Tips


If you’re thinking of enrolling in a cosmetology school or are already a student in one, there are several ways to maximize your training and education.

Master the Basics

Be sure you have the basics down cold before you even think of hanging up your own shingle. Choose a field and learn as much about it as you can. There’s no substitute for knowledge and hands-on experience when it comes to this highly competitive industry.

Be Open to Trends

Keep an eye out for trends that show up on the horizon every six months or so. The beauty industry is an ever-evolving one. From cosmetology to hair science, nail care and massage therapy, there’s always something new brewing. Keeping up with the emerging trends helps keep your skills updated and in demand.


Get the word out that you will soon be open for beauty business. Often, the best advertisement in the beauty industry happens through word of mouth, and you want to keep the talk going about you and your wonderful skills!

Volunteer Your Services

It may be difficult to land clients while you’re still in school or even as a fresh graduate. As soon as you’re confident enough in your skills, look for volunteer opportunities in your local community. Get a bunch of your classmates and offer to do a makeover for the residents of a senior facility, or volunteer your massage skills at a local maternity clinic. Be creative and keep your antennae up for opportunities that will not only hone your skills, but also give you a chance to do something nice for someone in your community.

Take Business Courses

Partner your skills with practical business classes so you’ll be ready to operate your own shop when the time is right. Even simple bookkeeping classes will go a long way in running a successful business.

Choose a Reputable School

For more than 40 years, we have steadily built a reputation for excellence and creative competence in the beauty industry. Our training and classes are designed to give students a competitive edge and a clear advantage over others. Enroll in our cosmetology program and experience the difference we can make in your career.

There is no shortage of beauty career schools in the Sunshine State. At the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, we equip our graduates with the skills, training and knowledge they need for a successful, life-long career in cosmetology.

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