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It’s Not a Backrub – The Basics of Massage Therapy

It’s Not a Backrub – The Basics of Massage Therapy

The school of massage therapy is more than just giving people a glorified back rub and in fact is nothing like the fact. People who are new to the subject often assume massage is just about relaxation and helping to ease stress. While to some extent this is true, the uses of massage go deeper than that and the subject matter is rather fascinating. Individuals who have a passion for massage will be glad to learn the ins and outs of this career field and how it benefits others.

How Does Massage Therapy Help Others?

Massage therapy is a rather unique and interesting subject for people who are new to it and understanding it can take some time. People studying for this career field learn about the therapeutic techniques that work with the muscles of the body and its related tissues. These techniques allow massage therapists to help relieve pain and discomfort that can be caused by stress, injury, and illness.

Our school of massage therapy prepares students for this career field by helping them to get ready for their licensure testing. Once they’ve passed their test, they’ll be ready for licensed employment as a massage therapist. Students who enroll in the course are required to clock in 600 hours, which for students on the daily schedule will take seven months to complete. Students who attend evening classes will take nine months to clock in their required hours.

What are Training Courses Involved with the Program?

Woman relaxed by her massage therapistOur massage therapy schools are focused on preparing students for their new career. While each program will cover material unique to the approach using their expertise and skill, general areas of the curriculum still have to be learned and covered. Courses students can expect to take include the following:

  • Swedish
  • Sports
  • Chair
  • Deep tissue massage techniques
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Reflexology

Other classes students will be studying will enable them to be more successful in their career field and to have a better understanding of the world of massage therapy. These classes students can expect to study include the following:

  • Anatomy – the study of the human body
  • Physiology – the study of functions and process of organs and their individual systems
  • Pathology – the study of diseases

How Will Studying These Subjects Help Students Succeed in the World of Massage Therapy?

Success starts with you and the amount of time and effort students put into their massage therapy classes. Our goal is to ensure students have a firm understanding of the science behind the therapy they’re studying for, which will enable them to perform better in their career field. Studying these subjects and others extensively will help them to be more successful in their job as they gain knowledge of the science and art behind massage therapy. Learning these subjects will allow students to combine these elements and make them more marketable when pursuing new career opportunities.

Along with learning the basics of massage therapy, students can also expect to learn about different aspects of the business. Massage therapists will often work in athletic clubs, spas, and even chiropractic offices. There are massage therapists who even go on to be self-employed or open their own practice once they graduate, enabling them to work their own hours and be their own bosses once they complete their state licensing exam and/or their national certification exam.

This in-depth training in their massage therapy classes will help students to gain the knowledge and training they need to flourish in their new career. Using these tools at their disposal will help students to have the ability to choose where to work and gain a broader understanding of the world of massage therapy.


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