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The Benefits of Hands-On Experience While Attending Cosmetology School


Training for a cosmetology career involves acquiring book knowledge as well as practical hands-on experience. Our comprehensive cosmetology program here at The Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers supports both types of learning. To understand why it’s crucial for our graduates to get hands-on experience as they earn their license in cosmetology, read on.

Reinforce Classroom Instruction

Our instructors are seasoned professionals with years of experience in the beauty field. You can count on them to deliver clear and precise theory lectures about chemistry, anatomy, bacteriology, physiology and other vital subject areas as they directly relate to cosmetology.

From sharing this wealth of information, our instructors also guide students in hands-on training. As a cosmetologist, you need to be proficient not only in hair cutting, but also in coloring and other hair treatments, chemical weaving, facials, manicures and more. Performing practical skills yourself reinforces classroom knowledge. It helps you retain the information and practice the techniques that were presented during classroom instruction.

Improve Your Cosmetology Skills

A proven way to potentially perfect your skills is through repetition. The more you cut and color, apply makeup and perform facials, the better you may get. It’s just like learning to write or ride a bike. You learn by doing, and by doing the tasks more often, you may be able to master the skills that will allow you to excel in your chosen profession.

Increase Your Confidence

Not only does hands-on experience allow you a chance to possibly perfect the various techniques you learned in the classroom, it also boosts your confidence in your ability to perform these tasks well. Once you become self-assured of your cosmetology skills, you may begin to innovate, try new trends, and experiment with envelope-pushing techniques. Such confidence in your skills may help propel your career in cosmetology to new and exciting heights.

Develop Better Interaction with Clients

Having hands-on experience with live models enhances your ability to relate to clients. This is a crucial skill in your career as a cosmetologist. Before you can cut, color, perm or apply any makeup, you first have to find out what your client truly wants. Only then can you use your skills to deliver the service masterfully.

Contact us with any questions or concerns you have about starting a rewarding career in cosmetology. Our helpful staff and knowledgeable instructors are ready to assist you in any way.

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