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The History of Cosmetology at Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers


Cosmetology is an ever-changing field.

The entire industry has evolved since the 1920s into the high-quality profession we all know it as today. 

Origins of Cosmetology

In the early 1930s, women would dress in all white uniforms with the same curled hairdo, and style women’s hair. The education for these women was always provided in very small shops with limited resources and innovation. It was for the first time during this decade that women used electrical tools to style hair.

As the 1940s approached, the field of cosmetology grew in popular demand. Cosmetology school would cost about $10, and would provide education in everything a new stylist would need to know. During the 40s, the popularity of the bob hair style came into full effect. During the World War II, women wanted a slick and simple hair style that was more feminine than styles seen in the 1930s. Cosmetologists were often the only ones who had access to hair products, so they were sought out by women in their community who had money and power to trade for their beauty products.

The 1950s brought the end to the war, and many husbands coming home. Women across America sought out a glamorous, ultra-feminine look. The ponytail became a popular hairstyle during this time period, because it gave women a beautiful new look with little effort. Cosmetologists earned more money than they ever had before. This time period also brought the popular look of pale makeup and bright red lips.

Clients in the 1960s asked their cosmetologists to give them a “girl next door” look. Popular styles included simple makeup, gently tousled hair styles, and a rise in requests for blonde hair. Hair stylists were asked to emulate looks ranging from long Cher hair to short Twiggy hair.

Change was Born

The 1980s were the decade that significantly changed cosmetology as a profession.

Beauty schools and in-shop apprenticeships boomed. Due to this increase in education options, accreditation standards were set and legal guidelines were implemented.

Today, a cosmetologist is required to undergo a set amount of hours and testing to learn everything they need to know to become a licensed cosmetologist.

But as cosmetology goes, things are constantly changing. Many hairstylists, makeup artists and nail technicians all attend different shows and workshops to increase their knowledge and skill set. They want to prepare for this high demand, ever-changing industry.

If you desire to be a part of a profession with a rich history and promising future, consider beginning your career with Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers.

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