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The Job Outlook after Finishing Cosmetology School Orlando

Cosmetology is a fun and creative career field that offers many challenges for people with a creative mindset. Our program is focused on helping students to develop a well-rounded skill set so they have a good foundation to start their new career. While cosmetology on the surface may seem cut and dry, there is actually much more to the job then meets the eye.

Here at the cosmetology school Orlando, we’re focused on preparing our students for this demanding career industry. We want our students to be prepared the moment they enter the industry so they have the tools necessary to pursue more opportunities down the road.

What Can Students Expect in this Career Industry?

Cosmetology School OrlandoCosmetology calls on a variety of skills students will learn to develop and sharpen during the course of their study. Students who study in our program will learn about business management, chemistry, interpersonal skills, and even anatomy so they can better serve the clients sitting in their chair. Students have to be ready to market themselves properly in the industry while also developing a steady and reliable customer base. This will help them to further their career and to continue to improve their base skill set.

What can people expect when first entering the cosmetology industry? This industry is rich with opportunity, but what is the job outlook for the future? The job outlook for cosmetologists is actually very bright and shows some promising statistics.

According to BLS.gov the job outlook for barbers, hairdressers, and cosmetologists is an average 10%. There were roughly 656,400 of these jobs available in the 2014 year, with an average employment increase of 64,400 people from 2014-2024.

What Does this Information Mean for People Interested in This Career Field?

When considering attending a cosmetology school in Orlando, knowing information about your chosen career field is a good place to start. The good news is the information listed above is very encouraging for people interested in studying cosmetology. The industry has continued to grow by 10% each year, and is projected to keep doing do up to 2024. This means there is going to be an increase in employment opportunities and a demand for skilled cosmetologists.

The median pay is also a good starting point for people just stepping into the career field. Cosmetologists have a slight advantage since they have a wider base skill set that covers hair, makeup, skin, and nails. This wide area of study puts them at an advantage since they can choose to develop one or more of their base skill set throughout their career. Many cosmetologists will often find a niche of their own in the industry or continue to provide several services. This rich variety of techniques allows cosmetologists to get and develop a wider customer base which means more business for them down the line.

What Can You Expect in This Career Field?

school  of cosmetology OrlandoThe first step starts with setting a good foundation for your skill set at a school  of cosmetology Orlando. The work environment is challenging and calls on a lot of interpersonal skills students will have to utilize in order to deliver the right services to their client. The work environment requires a lot of physical stamina since you will be standing while working on your clients.

The good news is that there is a high chance people who enter this career field will be able to seek self-employment once they develop a loyal customer base. Nearly half of the people who sought a job in this career field were self-employed in 2014 according to BLS.gov.

When you’re ready to start studying for your new career, remember to fill out the form on our website. We’ll be able to help you get started and answer any inquiries you have about the program.


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