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The Pivot Point Approach Prepares You For a General Beauty Career

The Pivot Point Approach Prepares You For a General Beauty Career

There are multiple techniques for training hair stylists, but one of the most popular is the Pivot Point approach. This educational style allows students to learn the basics of technique and styling without limiting their own ideas or their clients’ desires. Below we’ll discuss how this method works (for more than just hair!) and how you can use it to jumpstart your beauty career.

A Designer Approach

Leo Passage, who believed that developing a scientific approach to hair training was possible, crafted the Pivot Point approach. He believed that by teaching students the basics of texture, design/form and color, students would be well versed enough in the basics to build on them on their own.

The Mix and Match Method

Once you understand the basics of these three categories, it is possible to combine them in new and artistic ways. The Pivot Point approach encourages novel thinking and the creation of practically endless new styles by combining these three basic facets of hair design. Moreover, these basic ideas can be applied to beauty and nails as well.

Having the freedom to adapt traditional techniques to form new styles also allows stylists and beauticians to have much more creative, fulfilling careers, which is why students who are taught by this method tend to be some of the most successful.

Training Artists, Not Technicians

At its most basic, the Pivot Point approach values teaching artists whose medium is hair—though skin, nails and cosmetics can all provide great media as well. Whether you train as a cosmetologist or a barber, a nail artist or a full specialist, Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers will value creativity and innovation in your training. We love this approach because it creates happy, successful stylists and beauticians, again and again.

Prepare to Rise to the Top

Because the Pivot Point approach allows so much creativity, hair stylists and estheticians of all types are well prepared to listen to client needs and come up with unique solutions to their individual desires. This will help you quickly build a clientele of dedicated customers who love coming to you and will brag about you to their friends. That’s what good business looks like.

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