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What is Contouring? The Things you Need to Know Taught by a School for Cosmetology West Palm Beach

School for Cosmetology West Palm BeachThe world of cosmetology is focused on creativity, overcoming challenges, communicating effectively with clients, and being able to market your skills effectively. One of the key skills taught at our school of cosmetology in West Palm Beach are different makeup techniques.

Cosmetologists have to know a variety of makeup techniques in order to achieve the desired effects for their customers. Contouring is one of the many makeup techniques cosmetologists have to learn and master in order to better serve their clients.

What is Contouring?

Contouring at its core is giving shape to an area of the face and enhancing it by using makeup. The entire idea of contouring is not to make the enhancement stand out, but to give the facial structure a subtle definition.

Contouring may seem tricky to master, but it just requires some basic knowledge of illusion and artistry. Cosmetologists are often asked to perform these makeup techniques for their clients, so having a basic knowledge of how contouring works is necessary. They have to be ready to be an expert with the brush and know how to work with the colors to create the desired illusion for their client.

Contouring is Subtle

One of the key points of contouring is that it’s subtle and is nearly impossible to see. The entire point is to create an illusion without the human eye being able to pick it up. The key is to not use products that have a shimmer to them, but instead a matte finish. Texture is the key to contouring being effective without standing out.

Using the right tones can also add the desired effect needed when contouring. The point is to create a shadow and the biggest mistake people make is using bronzer to create the illusion. While bronzer will work on people with tanned skin tones, it’s not the true color of shadow. Using colors like grey, beige, taupe, and brown are often recommended.

Customizing the Complexion & Using the Right Brush

affordable cosmetology school in West Palm BeachStudents soon learn at our affordable cosmetology school in West Palm Beach that makeup can be a very complicated process. Contouring is easy enough to execute, but it requires a basic knowledge of how to achieve the right complexion.

Powders are often recommended for contouring since they achieve a better matte finish. When using creams they produce more of a liquid effect which is undesirable for this makeup technique. This doesn’t mean creams can be completely ruled out, many beginners prefer to use them since they’re easier to build and blend.

The right brush matters quite a bit when it comes to contouring. Two brushes for contouring are often recommended with a smaller eyeshadow brush with a bit of fluff on the end. One brush is for highlighting while the other would be just for applying the contouring. Using a fan brush for the jawline and cheekbone areas can achieve the desired effect contouring is aiming towards.

Blur the Lines

The finally technique is being able to properly blur the lines for the desired effect of contouring. Using a damp sponge or foundation brush can help create the blur. Blending the colors together makes the appearance of the contour more natural and helps to blend it in with the skin.

Contouring doesn’t have to be a complicated process, it just requires a bit of finesse. The cosmetology school in West Palm Beach is focused on our students. We help people to learn the skills they need in order to pursue a successful career.

We understand the prospect of studying for a new career can a momentous decision for many people. Our school is focused on helping people to develop and practice the skills they need in order to pursue their new career. When you’re ready to get started on your new career path give us a call so we can get started.


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