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Wet Hair vs Dry Hair for Flat Irons – Another Thing to Learn at a School of Cosmetology in Orlando

Wet Hair vs Dry Hair for Flat Irons – Another Thing to Learn at a School of Cosmetology in Orlando

School of Cosmetology in Orlando

Hair is not as cut and dry as people feel it is when it comes to styling it for a client. Hair comes in a variety of textures, thickness, and even colors. Shaping hair to fit a client’s request can be hard, especially when it comes to the type a client possess. Cosmetologists have to know how to properly deal with hair effectively and make the right calls to keep the damage to it to a minimum.

One of the biggest debates is whether wet or dry hair is effective for straightening with flat irons. While the subject may seem clear cut, it actually depends on a few factors.

How the Flat Iron Works

Students who attend the school of cosmetology in Orlando Florida will learn about different techniques to straighten out hair. Flat irons are a tool to straighten out hair quickly and effectively. The downside is excessive heat can damage hair, so cosmetologist who use this tool have to be careful.

How it works is the hair is pressed in between two hot surfaces heated by the flat iron. The flat iron is slowly pulled down and straightens the hair. The flat iron uses the moisture in the hair in order to straighten it and sets the new form with the heat.

Using the Flat Iron on Hair Depends on It Thickness and Texture

Potential students who attend our affordable school of cosmetology in Orlando will learn different hair types require a customized approach when it comes to treatment. Flat irons can be tricky even for the most experienced cosmetologist since it can cause damage to the hair.

The debate whether hair should be wet or dry when using a flat iron actually depends. Flat irons use the moisture in the hair to set it straight which means the thicker the hair the better. Hair that is thick and full will be fine if used dry with a flat iron. Hair that is brittle and thin on the other hand will be excessively damaged by the extreme heat of the flat iron.

Be Careful When Using a Flat Iron with Wet Hair

School of Cosmetology in OrlandoThe idea of wet hair being used with a flat iron seems perfect in comparison, right? Well, there’s actually a science to this too. The hair shouldn’t be soaking wet, but instead damp for maximum effectiveness. Hearing a sizzle on the other hand when applying the flat iron means it’s being done wrong and the heat should be turned down immediately.

The better way to get the best results is to use a flat iron that lets out steam. The steam provides the moisture the hair needs in order to be straightened and the damage done to it is lessened. Cosmetologists do still have to be careful when using the flat iron and adjust accordingly depending on the client and their hair type. Keeping a steaming flat iron on hand is usually the best bet since it offers the same results with less damage done to the hair.

There are styling practices that do require a flat iron to be used in order to seal in a product or solution being used on the hair. The Brazilian Blowout is a good example of a flat iron needing to be used in order to seal in the straightener for the hair. This allows the straightener to work and iron out the curls in the hair.

Flat irons are excellent tools for a cosmetologist, but they also need to be handled with caution. Straight irons can become extremely hot and can even cause injury if not used properly. They can also cause damage to hair so cosmetologists do have to be careful when using them for their clients. Keeping these facts in mind will allow you to know when to use a flat iron and whether it’s the right choice for a client’s hair.


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