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Three Face Moisturizing Techniques at the School for Cosmetology

When you’re learning about something like cosmetology, you’ll end up learning more than you thought you would, and you’ll be able to apply it in real life. If you’re ready to change not only the career that you work in, but how you take care of yourself, you’ll want to study a career in cosmetology! Learn three of our favorite face moisturizing techniques here at the Hollywood Institute School for Cosmetology, and revitalize your face and career at the same time!

Time it Right- Proper Timing Technique

Hollywood Institute School for CosmetologyThere are a few times that you can apply a moisturizer, though usually it’s recommended to do so at night and in the morning. Why is that? When during your night and morning routines should you apply the moisturizer?

During your night regimen, you should either shower or wash your face. Once or twice a week your face needs to be exfoliated, to rid yourself of the dirt and dead skin from your time enjoying life. Otherwise, a simple cleanser will help clean your skin of the day’s sweat and dirt, and will leave your skin refreshed. While your face is still damp, and the pores are open to absorb the moisture, you should apply the moisturizer. Usually this leaves you a three minute window after you wash your face, so that the moisturizer will be accompanied by actual humidity to help your skin rejuvenate. Then your face is ready for a good night’s sleep!

During a day regimen, many of the beginning steps are the same. Either you shower, or you wash your face with exfoliator and cleanser. Afterwards, instead of applying your moisturizer right away, pick up a non-alcoholic toner. This toner helps tighten up your pores and prepare your face for the day ahead of you. It also balances the pH of your skin, avoiding problems such as overly dry or oily skin. Once the toner has air dried, then you can rub the moisturizer onto your skin! Once everything has been applied and your skin is dried and ready, you can apply your makeup as normal to your wonderfully protected skin.

Outward Application Technique

There are various ways to rub in moisturizer, especially on your face. However, in order to rejuvenate your skin in the morning and night, and keep your face from aging prematurely, there are two ways to properly apply moisturizer. The first and most common way to apply a moisturizer is outward from your nose. Most of the time you’ll apply the lotion to the bridge of your nose, and brush outwards with your fingers. This helps moisturize the main areas of the face first, and ensures that the core parts of your face are protected. Usually you start with the area between the eyes, and rub up the forehead in outward directions, keeping most of the moisturizer in the middle area of your forehead, which is more prone to acne and other skin problems than the edges. Then you move from the bridge of the nose out to your cheekbones, and from your chin to your cheeks. This helps maintain the right moisture levels in the more critical areas of your face, and protects the skin from nature’s effects!

Upward Application Technique

cosmetology schoolInstead of moving from your nose outward, why not stimulate your skin and reduce premature wrinkling by moving from your neck up? Moisturizing your face works best with the upward application technique, although many people are woefully ignorant of this technique. Brusquely apply your moisturizer to your neck and rub with the palms of your hands up to your chin and jaw line, brushing up your cheeks in large movements. From there move back to rubbing with just your fingers, brushing upwards in separate strokes along your chin and forehead. This revitalizes your skin, increasing circulation and helping to bring that bright natural blush to your cheeks. It also helps reduce the effects of gravity on your face, if only for a little while, and helps you avoid getting saggy skin or wrinkles just a little longer.

Why learn these techniques? Applying your moisturizer the right way cannot only benefit your face, but your entire outlook on your day. Having a fresh and clean face that feels healthier will make you happier, and you’ll be more likely to face the day with a positive outlook. Learning these techniques in a cosmetology school will allow you to provide that happiness to other people, and can help change your career into something much more rewarding than where you’re at now. Consider attending the Hollywood Institute for a degree in cosmetology, and learn so much more than just how to apply a moisturizer. Change your life for the better by contacting us today for program information and applications!

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