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Three Skin Care Mistakes that Everyone Makes

Three Skin Care Mistakes that Everyone Makes

People will use plenty of skin care products to bring out the best in their skin whether it’s to cleanse it, moisturize it, or just putting on a bit of makeup. The results vary depending on the type of products people use and how effective they are in achieving the end goal. There are many tips listed online and shared on a daily basis ranging from home remedies to using certain products or chemicals to improve the health of the skin.

People who are considering attending skin care school who are fascinated by these subjects should be aware of the common mistakes people make. People in this career field will be asked by their clients for advice on how to care for skin properly and will be responsible to give them the correct information. Listed below are a few of the common mistakes people make when it comes to skin care.

1) Knowing When to Cleanse

Skin cleansing is a common topic that will arise in skin care school. One question students frequently ask is how often skin should be cleansed? Over cleansing, skin can dry it out and be detrimental over a long period of time, while under cleansing can cause skin outbreaks to happen. There are skin care products available that have ‘beads’ in them to help keep skin clean and to clear out pores.

The best way to cleanse skin is to go with a few basic tips and basic knowledge. Splashing cold water on your face after stepping out of the shower will close up pores and prevent them from becoming clogged. Another tip is to clean items frequently that come into contact with your faces like pillow cases or towels. Skin naturally produces its own oils and this can rub off on to other surfaces and build up over time. Cleansing these surfaces and items frequently prevents the buildup of oil and dead skin cells from clogging up pores and causing skin outbreaks.

2) Right Order of Application

untitled-3One of the other topics discussed frequently in skin care programs is an application of certain products to help improve skin health. There are many good products out on the market and even a handful of home remedies that are beneficial for skin. The big mistake people make is knowing when to apply these products or the type of condition their skin is in that calls for a certain product.

Eye creams, for example, should be applied first while serums or creams should come next. The next item to be applied should be a lotion or any kind of moisturizing cream applied to the skin. Sunscreen should be applied last and have a high SPF rating that will be needed on a sunny day.

3) Keep Quantity in Mind

Another tip students will learn in skin care programs is the quantity of using skin care creams will not result in better results. While the recommended amount of cream should be applied according to directions, for the most part applying more doesn’t mean it will work faster or better.

Overusing creams can even be detrimental to the skin which can result in a chemical deposition that will result in adverse effects. When it comes to the facial area, the amount of cream that can be held on a finger tip is enough for the face. When it comes to more delicate areas like under the eyes, even less cream is needed, so only use the recommended amount according to the package directions.

Attending skin care programs is an excellent way to learn how to take care of skin and to advise clients on how to care for it themselves. These tips are only the beginning of what’s in store for students interested in studying in this career field.


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