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Demi, Temporary, and Permanent – The Three Types of Hair Color and How They Work

Demi, Temporary, and Permanent – The Three Types of Hair Color and How They Work

If you’ve never dyed your hair before, then there is little doubt that you have questions. Who can blame you? Does it last forever? Can there be any damage to your hair? Any cosmetology school, like ours, will tell you that there are certain things that absolutely need to be addressed before you commit to coloring your hair.

We would like to start by discussing the different types of hair color, beginning with temporary. Temporary hair color typically has no place in a salon setting as it washes out after a shower – you can usually buy it in a can. There are two other types, however, that definitely belong in a salon setting, and we’re going to cover them quickly.

Cosmetology School Answers: What are the Different Types of Hair Color?

As you enter cosmetology school and perhaps the real world you’re going to run across a few different types, as we mentioned, and these are the most common:

Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Semi-Permanent is often used at home, but you can occasionally find it used in a salon. The general idea is to use this color for those who want to try something different but they don’t want to make a drastic change. With semi-permanent hair color, there is no ammonia and no developer, meaning the color is not deposited inside the hair shaft. Think of it as a coat of paint, for what it’s worth. Semi-permanent might not last long, but it does help to give you an idea of what color you’re really going for, and most importantly, it lets you add tint to your existing hair color.

Demi-Permanent Hair Color

With demi-permanent hair color, you’ll get a much more obvious change and this is great when you want to avoid hair damage. There is no ammonia in this type of color, but it does have a small amount of peroxide. The purpose of the peroxide is to open the hair cuticle slightly so that the color will be absorbed. Remember, demi permanent hair color does a better job of darkening the hair, but it will not lighten it. It will eventually fade, however, it will take between 12 and 24 shampoos.

Will There be Damage to your Hair?

This is the million dollar question, isn’t it? And a good school of cosmetology will tell you that there can be damage to your hair, but it is very minimal. The thing we need to mention is that demi-permanent hair color does open up the cuticle slightly, and with that being the case, your hair might feel frizzy and dry afterward. Because semi-permanent color just coats the hair, it is less likely to cause any sort of damage.

Perfect for Covering that Gray

Woman with soft wave hairstyle for fallAs people get older they become more concerned with their looks, and understandable so – it can be difficult to contend with the way in which skin sags and hair grays. One of these, however, is within the realm of treatment for an individual attending cosmetology schools. Both semi and demi-permanent dyes are able to cover up the gray, though, to be honest, demi-permanent is definitely the preferred route to go in this instance. Semi permanent is great for hair that is only on the cusp of losing color, but it’s not a long lasting solution. Think about that and determine what stage of gray your hair is at before you apply any color.

Taking Care of your Hair

Both semi and demi-permanent hair color fade quickly, and for this reason, you need to make sure that proper steps are undertaken to care for the coloring. That said, you want to use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, but try to avoid shampooing every day if you can. In addition to that, make sure you shield your hair from sunlight and tie it back when you’re working out to avoid excess sweat from creeping into the ends of your cuticles.

These are just a few of the hair coloring basics that you need to know, and a good affordable cosmetology school will teach you so much more. Ask us about admission today and get your career on track.


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