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Three Ways a Barber School Florida Differs from Cosmetology School

When selecting a degree, the technicalities between them become all the more important. This is especially true when it comes to deciding if you want to go a barber school Florida or cosmetology school. The first thing to consider is what each entails, then figure out the best way to approach your schooling.

The Three Primary Differences Between Cosmetology Schools and Barber Schools Florida

As a barber, you will primarily:

  1. Cut and style the hair of male customers, though barbers occasionally see women who prefer shorter hairstyles.
  2. Learn different techniques for cutting and coloring hair. This is generally all that barbers learn, but it is a very successful business.
  3. Provide shaving services and work with hairpieces.

As a cosmetologist or one of its many specializations, you will:

  1. Learn about makeup, skin, hair, and nails, including esthetics, waxing, facials, makeup, manicures, and nails. Cosmetologists do not learn about shaving.
  2. Select a particular field to master.
  3. Help clients recognize issues unique to your specialization, such as certain nail diseases.

Barber Schools FloridaYou will also want to make sure you are entering a field you enjoy. It helps to have great customer service skills, as a love for hair (or makeup, skincare, nails, etc), and a keen intuition. As your knowledge grows, you’ll be able to recommend specific cuts, products, and treatments to customers that aren’t from the book.

Once you’ve selected which degree to pursue, and are certain this is the field for you, it is important that you decide how you will obtain it. There are plenty of benefits to attending a top notch cosmetology school which include: .

  • A Hands-on Experience: Both degrees benefit from having knowledge instructors to guide them, and to have access to salons who have already agreed to work with students.
  • Your Classmates: College is a time to learn about yourself and experience self-growth. It’s also a great time to make new friends and to begin networking, both of which are more easily done on-campus as you can talk to your classmates before and after class, attend clubs, visit nearby points and interest, and more.
  • Access to College Facilities: including, student resource centers, and events. Many places of interest such as shopping malls, movie theaters, and parks tend to appear around college towns, as students are a good source of steady income.
  • Access to your Instructors: On-campus schooling lets you attend office hours, where you can talk to your professor face-to-face about any questions or concerns. Professors also have an easier time remembering students they can put a face to, which can help you later down the road when you need referrals to other classes or for a job.

Barber Schools FloridaThere is no doubt that learning the skills required to become a barber will give you the boost you need to not only further your life, but to make yourself happier. There are many different jobs that you can work over the course of your life, from the role of cashier, to mechanic, office worker, and a plethora of others that we do not have time to cover.

What you want however, is not a job, but a career that you can rely on for the rest of your life – one that you can actually be proud of. Don’t wait to begin your new, highly rewarding career. Find the barber school Florida or cosmetology school that is right for you. For more information regarding our courses, tuition, career services, and more, visit us at our website.


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