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Tips for Passing Your License Exam After Cosmetology School in Orlando

Congratulations! You’ve finally finished cosmetology school in Orlando! But now you’ve got to pass a standardized cosmetology exam in order to receive your license to practice cosmetology. The cosmetology exam consists of a written portion and a hands-on portion.

The written portion requires you to understand a broad spectrum of cosmetology fields, and the hands-on portion is strictly judged, so passing can be a challenge for even the most rigorous student. Here are fifteen tips for passing your license exam after cosmetology school in Orlando.

  1. cosmetology school in OrlandoBring all the required materials. For the hands-on portion, you will need to supply most or all of your own equipment; there are strict guidelines about what is allowed. Follow the rules exactly, or you will not be allowed to complete the hands-on portion. Also, be sure to round up your supplies at least two days before the exam and double check them the day before so that you will still have time to pack up any missing items.
  1. The written portion has 100 questions, which you have a limited amount of time to answer, usually about 90 minutes. Be careful not to spend too much time on each question or skip over questions that are difficult, returning to them at the end.
  1. Don’t even think about trying to cram for the exam. Instead, continue to study and practice your techniques every day. And don’t skip studying the things that you find hardest—you may even want to tackle those subjects first thus making the rest of your studying seem easy.
  1. For the hands-on portion, you must perform every step in exact order so be sure to memorize and repeatedly practice those steps.
  1. Sterilization is an essential part of the exam.  Make sure you know how to properly sterilize your equipment, workstation, and your hands in accordance with state requirements.
  1. Throughout the exam, remember to recap bottles, clean and sanitize your work area regularly, and rewash your hands between tasks. Even these small errors such as forgetting to recap a bottle can add up to a lot docked points.
  1. Schedule your exam in the proper time frame. Some states require the licensing exam to be taken within 90 days of completing your training, while other states give you as much as five years to become licensed.
  1. Bring your identification to your exam. Some states require only a picture ID; others require ID, proof of required training hours, and proof of citizenship. Check your state requirements before the exam.
  1. Use practice tests, which you can find online, to find out where your weak spots are and to also learn to spot “trick questions”. The written portion is multiple choice; sometimes there may be options that seem correct, but small changes in the wording make them incorrect. Practice tests are well worth the money you will spend on them.
  1. Use flash cards and study guides. Hundreds of these study aids are available to help you get ready for both the written and the hands-on exams.
  1. To prepare for the hands-on portion, find a good friend or fellow student who will let you practice on them. Enlist a mentor. Find licensed cosmetologists that you admire who has passed the cosmetology exam, and ask them what they found the hardest and what they wished they’d studied more.
  1. Cosmetology encompasses a wide range of skills from hair styling to manicures to facials and more. Be sure to practice all of these areas—you’ll need to know them on exam day. Examples include knowing how to give manicures and pedicures and relaxing, not rough, facials.

13. Be sure to use proper techniques when chemically treating hair, such as for tinting, dying and applying hair relaxers. Make sure your hands are gloved, your model is properly draped and the chemicals are properly mixed. Be sure not to spill any of the chemicals on your model’s skin.

  1. If you don’t pass on your first try, don’t panic. You can retake the test as often as you want.
  1. To help increase your odds of passing on the first try, however, be sure to choose the best cosmetology school in Orlando, the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers. For more than 40 years, we have remained on the cutting edge of the cosmetology industry by continuously updating our curriculum and program offerings.

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