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Tips on How to Best Market Yourself for a Future in Cosmetology

Tips on How to Best Market Yourself for a Future in Cosmetology

So you’ve got your cosmetology license— now what? Having finished your cosmetology program and successfully passing the state exam, it may feel a little alarming to contemplate putting yourself out there in the world, finding clients and making a name.

Never fear. It’s totally possible to build the amazing beauty career you’ve always wanted. With these helpful tips to get yourself known and market your work, you’ll have no trouble at all.

Build a Portfolio

A portfolio is a must when you’re trying to start your career in cosmetology, because it will be instrumental in getting you the job. Practice on people for free, including friends and family. Be sure to use before and after shots, which are particularly effective at showing your style and your abilities. Take care when assembling your portfolio, choosing only the best shots to highlight your skills.

Put in Long Hours

It’s an unfortunate truth of the beauty industry: Getting started can be hard. At first, explains American Spa, your work for your employer will be difficult, sometimes unpaid, and based on the luck of the draw — in other words, who calls the salon and gets sent to you. However, the more work you’re willing to do and the more time you’re willing to put in, the better off you’ll be. This will have three results:

  • Getting your employer to trust you and refer people to you.
  • Building up a base of dedicated clients who come to you when they need a service.
  • Earning word-of-mouth marketing from satisfied clients.

Have a Brand

Branding is crucial in the modern age. We don’t mean logos and color schemes — most likely, in the early years, your employer will provide that. Instead, brand your actions. Do you take customers late in the evening? That’s a great way to nab working professionals who have money. Do you style, even when your customers only pay for a cut? That’s another awesome way to build a devoted clientele. Your personal brand will define you for years to come, so be intentional about it.

Building a brand, working hard, getting a job at the right salon — these are all excellent ways to market yourself and help build your career in the future. But most important of all, have fun and enjoy yourself.

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