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Tools You Need When Starting Your Career As A Nail Technician

Tools You Need When Starting Your Career As A Nail Technician

Nail technicians need quite a few tools to set up shop. If you rent space in a salon that belongs to someone else, you are usually responsible for bringing your own tools but may be able to get away without some of the larger equipment. Below, we’ll cover the basic necessities in a nail technician’s repertoire.

Your Education

The first and most important tool to being a nail technician is training. If you haven’t completed a reputable program in Nail Technology, such as the one offered by Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, then you need to do that first. Completing a program is necessary in obtaining your license and attracting customers to your new place of business, whether you set up shop on your own or rent space in another salon.

If you haven’t yet completed a nail tech program, look into it today by contacting Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers to learn more about their programs.

Acrylic and Gel Supplies

Acrylic and gel nail sets are very popular, so you’ll need supplies to perform these services. This includes acrylic liquid and acrylic powder, gel and the brushes needed to apply them.


Most technicians use drills to speed filing time, especially with acrylic nails. Get an assortment of tips so you can use your drill effectively for a range of tasks and on a range of nail sizes.


Having an assortment of polish colors makes your salon attractive and inviting, so don’t skimp here.

Traditional Tools

Clippers, files and toe spreaders are all still necessary tools, so make sure you have them on hand for traditional manicures and pedicures.

Foot Baths and Massage Chairs

Foot baths and massage chairs are the types of items you may not have to provide yourself if you work in someone else’s salon. However, if you don’t, you’ll need at least one foot bath and chair station.

Tables and Chairs

Lastly, you’ll need some basic tables and chairs to perform manicures and nail art. These don’t have to be fancy, although it does help to buy a table or desk that has a few drawers in it.

Now that you’ve got a basic list of supplies, it’s time to finish that program so you can be on your way to becoming a successful nail technician. Good luck!

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