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Top 5 Careers That Begin with Cosmetology School


Most of the time, students begin school with a clear goal in mind about what they want to be doing after they finish. Sometimes, students know what they’re interested in but need to have some hands-on experience or a little bit of training to realize exactly what they want to do. Cosmetology programs can offer a wide array of fields of expertise to put you in a great position for a creative career.

1. Master Cosmetologist
Master Cosmetologists have the benefit of learning all fields of skin, hair and nails. You can work creatively through your career by learning about new cutting styles and techniques, color classes, nail trends and skin care. You will have a lot to offer your clientele because you will be a triple threat when it comes to all of their beauty needs.

2. Esthetician
An esthetician’s primary field is to care for the skin of their clients. A major focus of beauty needs for most adults is to look youthful. Estheticians can treat everyday skin care troubles like wrinkles, acne and more. Estheticians can work anywhere from a medical spa to a salon or even a plastic surgeon’s office.

3. Makeup Artist
Makeup artists are also able to use their creativity every day at work. Changing makeup trends and styles along with bridal parties and photo-shoots can keep a makeup artist busy while keeping their love of the art in check. Makeup artists can work anywhere from salons to specialty stores to theaters and more.

4. Independent Contractor or Freelance
Possibly the biggest benefit of choosing to work as an independent contractor or freelance artist is that you can hone in on any skill you desire anytime you like. Some freelance artists keep a job as a booth rental to make themselves available to their existing clientele.

5. Spa or Salon Owner
You can take your love of cosmetology to the next level by opening your own salon. Whether your staff is booth rental or commissions, you can grow a thriving business with your loyal clientele. You can set your own hours, prices and services to give your guests what you think is best!

Whatever field of cosmetology you decide, Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers has all of the information and classes you need to achieve your dreams. Training for cosmetology starts with a solid foundation, and we can start you off in your field with all of the knowledge and skills you need for success.

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