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Top Hairstyles for 2017

Top Hairstyles for 2017

When you enroll in a school for cosmetology Florida, you’re going to be exposed to the cutting edge of fashion and beauty technology. If you see your future career as being a stylist or professional hairdresser, then you’re definitely going to be interested in the latest hairstyle trends for 2017.

With a hairstyle, it’s possible to make a statement of individuality, even when inspiration is taken from existing styles. These are some of the top styles that you’ll see in the next year, and you may even learn how to achieve some of these styles when you enroll in our affordable cosmetology school Florida.

Middle Parting with Long, Sleek Strands

One thing that you will learn at cosmetology school Florida is that different hair types will be more suited to different hair styles. Even the facial structure of a future client could influence the hairstyles that would look good on them. To use a celebrity that almost anybody can recognize, let’s take a look at Emma Watson. This youthful actress is known for regularly changing her look, but she always seems to go back to a very simple and sophisticated sleek and straight look, with a parted middle.

With the right techniques, it’s not too difficult to achieve a similar look at cosmetology school or in the professional world. Blow drying straight down and using a round brush will help to flatten the hair and remove any frizzy areas and flyaway hair. By rolling the brush inwards towards the cheeks, the hair will remain close and slightly curved towards the neck or chest. It’s a simple hairstyle, but it’s also an elegant one that can be used in almost any scenario.

Bedroom Hair Styling

cosmetology school FloridaThere’s something appealing about a messy hairstyle, but it’s critical to find the right balance of ‘just woke up’ and ‘ready to hit the catwalk’. Beyoncé is perhaps one of the best examples of a celebrity fashion figure that loves to go for the messy look. To achieve a similar carefree look, the hair should be washed, brushed, and then curled in random uneven sections. A side parting will also help to stagger the hair, meaning that symmetry won’t be an issue, but the overall look will still be fashionable and desirable. You can learn about curling techniques with flat irons and curling wands when you study at our school of cosmetology Florida.

Pixie Short Cut

Many professional stylists will tell you that the best hair style in the world is the one that is easy to manage and maintain. Perhaps this is why pixie cuts have become so popular in 2017. A short pixie cut can be a big change for a woman who has previously only worn long hair styles, but it can also be a liberating one. Choosing to go short will mean less hair care is required, and it will be much easier to keep the hair healthy. There are a few different celebrities who have made this cut work in recent months, including Scarlett Johansson.

Scarlett’s hair is a great example, where the hair has been cut short on the sides around the ears, and then short at the back where it tapers to the nape. With the top styled with some longer layers in the middle, it is easy to create asymmetric side leaning styles, or even swept back styles, depending on the look that is desired. A short pixie cut like this is versatile, and it can be made to work with straight hair, or hair with a light wave or curl.

Find the Training That Allows You to Create Fashionable Styles

If you want to create women’s and men’s styles that are bold and fashion forward, then it’s time to enroll in our affordable cosmetology school Florida. We’re open for enrollment inquiries today and would love to help you to get your new career started.


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