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The Truth About Barber School

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Our cosmetology programs here at the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers cover a broad spectrum of skills and knowledge in the fields of cosmetology, skin care, nail technology, massage therapy, barbering, electrology and laser hair removal. Each one is designed to provide comprehensive training and to equip students with a wide range of abilities in order to succeed in their chosen area of expertise. You can find basic information about barbering courses below.

Basic Requirements

In most states, students interested in going to barber school need a high school diploma or a GED prior to enrollment. However, it is best to check with the state or school where you plan to enroll as some allow for exceptions to this general rule.

What You Will Learn

In barbering, you will study men’s hair, including its structure and how to cut and style it. Expect to learn about different barbering services as well. This would include steam facials, foam shaves, modern razor styling, facial massages, etc.

In addition, advanced cosmetology schools, such as the Hollywood Institute, also include courses on business management along with skills classes. This is because many graduates end up opening their own barber shops at some point in their career. Having basic business training helps them succeed as business owners.

Licensing Requirements

You will need to show a successful completion of a state approved course of study as well as a complete application to apply for a barbering license. The number of hours of completed training, as well as the years of apprenticeship required before licensure varies from state to state. Note that the license to practice barbering does not automatically allow you to open your own barbershop as this requires a separate license.

Expected Salary After Graduation

The Bureau of Labor Statistics pegs the low end of barbering salaries at around $17,000 a year and the high end at about $43,000 (this data is from 2013). The average salary falls somewhere in between. Neither amount typically includes tips from clients.

A career in cosmetology or barbering can be a satisfying and lucrative one. You are in the business of making people look and feel good about themselves, and that can be very rewarding.

The Hollywood Institute offers a degree in barbering as well as training for a cosmetology career in nail care, massage therapy or skin care. Choose the cosmetology school with more than 40 years of success in the industry and the well-positioned, professionally successful graduates to prove it.

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