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Two Products You Need to Know About in Hair Straightening

Two Products You Need to Know About in Hair Straightening

Hair straightening is self-explanatory, taming those unruly curls into straight and shiny rows. There’s countless articles, tips, and home remedies floating around about how to achieve the best results when it comes to straightening hair. Achieving the perfectly straight hair is challenge since some of these tips only last for one shampooing. The results people want should last for much longer than that, usually so the results are permanent.

Our cosmetology school in Florida teaches students the techniques and treatments needed to straighten out even the wildest of curly hair. This is also achieved using two main products every cosmetologist should know about and they will learn how to use them effectively.

Flat Irons

There’s two kinds of flat irons students need to be aware of which is tourmaline and ceramic. Ceramic is the ‘traditional’ flat irons used widely by at-home users and even stylists on a regular basis. Flat irons made out of or coated in ceramic allows for even heat distribution and seals in moisture effectively. The ceramic variety is often used in keratin treatments to strengthen hair to give it a bolder and healthier appearance.

Tourmaline flat irons on the other hand are a new technology that produce a greater amount of negative ions compared to their ceramic counterparts. This increase in negative ions allows tourmaline to seal the cuticle more effectively than ceramic and prevent future frizz from occurring. The only downside is tourmaline is more effective for tough or curly hair rather than the fine variety. Ceramic is much kinder on damaged hair and can even be used on finer strands for a better effect.

Hair StraighteningHere at our cosmetology schools in Florida students will have the opportunity to learn the difference between the two. They will also come to understand how to choose the best flat iron depending on a certain hair type, or whether they should use one that incorporates both technologies.

Keratin Treatments

Keratin is part of a family fibrous structural proteins that can be found in the hair and nails. Keratin protects the epithelial cells in these areas from stress or damage from occurring. This protein is also one of the key structural materials that can be found on the outer layer of the skin. Fine or damaged hair may suffer due to a lack of keratin which leads to poor structure of the locks.

Keratin treatments are often the go to alternative for individuals with curly or frizzy hair who want it straightened permanently. Their unruly hair may prove impossible to handle, forcing them to seek out various treatments to deal with their defiant locks. Keratin treatments are effective in making hair not only looking healthier, but sealing down frizz and curls.

The straightening process works by using a high temperature flat iron in accordance with the product. The keratin product has to be applied to the hair and should be even to achieve the best results. Once the product is distributed evenly the flat iron is applied slowly. The high heat forces the keratin to become infused with the hair which helps to repair damage and to seal in the cuticle. Once the treatment is complete the hair will be easier to manage, smoother, and stronger in appearance. The keratin basically restructures the hair and forces it to take on a new appearance.

These two products are the key to achieving straight hair in our school of cosmetology in Florida. Students will learn about how to work with these products and the best way to apply them when helping their clients when they sit down in the chair. Students will also become knowledgeable of how these products work with different hair types and be able to recommend them appropriately to achieve the best results. Learning how to straighten hair effectively and to keep it maintained will help students to be ready when they enter the industry.


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