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The Four Types of Brushes You’ll use at Cosmetology School in Florida and Beyond

The Four Types of Brushes You’ll use at Cosmetology School in Florida and Beyond

As you start your journey into the world of cosmetology, you’re probably going to notice that there are several different types of hair brushes. If you’re like most people, then there is a good chance that you’ve been simply buying hair brushes for years and using them without any regard to their actual purpose.

That’s actually pretty understandable considering there are no clear manual or usage instructions packaged with brushes at the store. It can be confusing, and there are more than a few people out there who completely agree with that sentiment. Today, however, we’re going to enlighten you with a few basics from our cosmetology school in Florida:

The 9 Row Brush

This is a pretty common type of brush and you’ve probably been using one for most of your life. It’s the brush you see at the impulse check out in the dollar store, and it’s basically what everything thinks of when they think ‘hairbrush’. We use this one constantly at our affordable cosmetology school in Florida as it is perfect for the purposes of both detangling and blow drying. Think of this as your swiss army knife of hair brushes.

Vented Brushes – A Cosmetology School Staple

This type of brush is very similar to the 9 row, but it features slats or vents on the back between the bristles. Vented brushes are great for detangling, but because they are vented, they have another use that many people tend to overlook: they work perfectly with a hair dryer. The venting allows the air from the blow dryer to pass through it quickly, allowing you to dry faster. If you have long hair, then this one is definitely going to be a must.

The Round Brush

If you don’t want to fully straighten out your hair, then this is going to be the way you want to go. For putting in a little extra bend or curl, this is perfect, though it once again, as always, depends on your hair type. The round brush comes in several different sizes, so do some experimenting to figure out what works best for you.

Paddle Brushes – For Detangling and styling

thumb_original-slide-4Most likely, this is the brush that you would be using for your everyday applications. It can be used for both detangling and styling, and for the most part, it’s used in the exact same way you would use your vented brush. The biggest difference is that unlike a vented brush, the air does not pass through it, and with that being the case, you’re going to have a more straight style. If you have curly hair, this will be a great help to you, especially if you’re looking for a more straight style.

If you have trouble keeping your hair under control for any reason, then you’re going to be pretty surprised to find out how well these brushes can improve your life. You will quickly learn at our cosmetology school that every brush matters whether you’re taking care of your own hair, or taking care of your clients – it all makes a difference, and it all matters. If you’re ready to improve your cosmetology knowledge and ready to learn more about brushes, give us a call today or apply online.

As an accredited school, we are able to offer financial aid to those who qualify, giving you a clear shot into the world of cosmetology. This is an outstanding career opportunity, and it won’t be long before you find yourself finally giving up the 9-5 grind, and jump into a job that you can enjoy for the rest of your life, then congratulations, you’re in the right place, and you’re going to make the cut.


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