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Top Three Types of Haircuts at a Barber School in Florida

Top Three Types of Haircuts at a Barber School in Florida

Barber School in Florida

Cutting hair is a refined skill that requires hours of study and practice to master. Students at our barber school in Florida will learn how to work with different clients, hair types, and even haircuts. While hair is varied in terms of texture, colors, and thickness there are three basic haircuts a student will cover. The client at any given time may request one of these haircuts since they’re the most common in the barbering world. Learning them and understand how they work is essential to pursuing a fulfilling career in barbering.

  • One Length (bob)

One of the first haircuts students will learn about at an affordable barber school in Florida is the one length cut, also known as a bob. This cut is done on the outside shape or edge of the head and hair. The fullness and weight of the hair gives the haircut its shape and style, and finishes off the entire look. The entire shape of this haircut tends to have a triangular appearance with more width along the bottom edge.

The haircut is done by cutting small sections along the hairline and using those first cuts as a guideline for the rest of the edge. Barbers use this basic guideline to beginning cutting off small sections of the hair and cutting parallel along it for an even cut.

The same process is repeated on the other side so the cut comes out even. The bob can be stylized and some clients may request a variation of the haircut tailored to their needs.

  • Layered Cut

Barber School in FloridaOne of the other most common cuts students will learn at the barber school Florida is the layered cut. Students may have seen this cut done in a salon or barbershop before since it’s very common and useful for thick hair types. This cut is also referred to as ‘layering’ the hair. The haircut involves cutting varying angles and lengths of hair to create a better shape or movement.

This haircut is highly recommended for hair that is very thick or has a full appearance that can cause it to ‘poof’ out when it’s been cut. Once the haircut is completed the hair has an even and rounded form to it that is very pleasing. This haircut can also be styled and is a great way to manage extra thick hair.

  • Graduated Cut

This haircut is also very simple to master and is often practiced in barber shops. The graduated cut helps to cut down on the fullness and weight of the hair along the edge. While this cut is often varied and depends on the person, the basic form of the cut is a diamond shape. This refers to the haircut being wider in the middle compared to other areas of the hairline.

Each of the haircuts students learn about sets the foundation for knowing the basics of barbering. These are the most common cuts barbers will encounter throughout their career since they’re requested often. Knowing what these cuts are, how they affect hair, and knowing how they’re performed goes a long way to helping students be prepared for their new career. Each of these cuts can also be changed and altered depending on the client’s needs.

Learning about barbering can be an exciting journey for people who are looking to change their career. While the idea of studying for a new career can be a scary prospect, it’s often a good choice. There is a growing demand for skilled barbers in this career field, so there’s a high chance of getting hired soon after receiving a degree.

We care about our students and understand the hard work and dedication that goes into studying for a new career. We make sure to equip our students with the tools they need in order to pursue a fulfilling career.


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