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Types of Skin Care Treatment

Skin care products and treatments are changing and improving constantly. At Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, we teach the most current methods of skin care treatment. We know that clients will depend on your knowledge about the best ways to preserve and protect their skin.

There are a lot of laser treatments, injectables, peels and other skin care technologies out there. However, there are also ingredients that are now increasingly making topical skin care better than ever. Here are just a few:

Seaweed-Infused Skin Care

It’s been found that some types of seaweed, like Okinawa red algae, are similar to the collagen in human skin. Thus, they enhance water retention when applied directly to the skin. Okinawa red algae is also rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, proteins, skin-supporting sugars called polysaccharides and essential vitamins.

Topically-Applied Growth Factors

As we get older, our natural growth factors drop significantly. This decreases our collagen and antioxidant levels, which makes our skin get dry and saggy. Growth factors applied topically increase the production of collagen within our skin. There are a number of brands of growth factor treatments that contain cell and tissue growth to help keep skin looking young.

Stabilized Retinoids

Retinoids are not new, but sometimes if you increase the concentration, you can cause skin irritation. However, if they are stabilized through methods such as esterification, microencapsulation and micronization, the retinoids will be more effective. Various products use these different stabilization methods.


Florida has a large senior population and therefore, our students will likely have a lot of clients looking for the latest anti-aging skin treatments. Peptides are proteins that are used in skin care to lift sagging skin and generally help skin repair itself.

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