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Use Social Networking to Advertise Yourself After You Attend a Cosmetology School in West Palm Beach

cosmetology school in West Palm BeachYou’ve attended a quality cosmetology school in West Palm Beach, you’ve aced your license exam and now you are ready to get started with your first customers! Fantastic! But how do you find those customers? Friends and family will be a given and you will of course have your walk-ins at the salon where you’ll be working. But to give your business an extra boost use social networking to advertise yourself after you attend an affordable cosmetology school in West Palm Beach. Here are nine top tips.

  1. Focus on two or three networking sites to start. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to use every social networking site out there but it’s better to pick two or three to start with so that you can really give them the attention you need to. Choose the sites based on where your potential customers are most likely to or based on the ones that you are most comfortable using.
  1. Create plenty of content before enlisting friends and followers. When you ask people to follow you or Like your Facebook page, you’ll want to give them plenty of reasons to do so. So be sure to load up your social networking sites with informational content first. And be sure to target that content to your audience. Do you want to focus on hair styling? Then make most of the content geared toward trends and tips on hairdos.
  1. Find friends and followers. Search for everyone you might have had even a short encounter with to enlist as a follower. In addition, be sure to reach out to other cosmetologists. You may enjoy doing facials while the cosmetologist down the street does not—referrals often lead to repeat customers.
  1. Engage friends and followers. If a friend or follower posts a new photo, for example, you might want to comment on how you like the way she highlighted her eyes or that you thought her nail color was a perfect match with her outfit.
  1. Use the one-in-seven rule. The idea here is that only one of every six posts should blatantly promote your services. The others should be tips, hints or other items that your customers will find valuable. Of course, you can add some self-promotion to these tips but the focus should be on providing great content so that people begin to see you as a beauty expert.
  1. Create specials and promotions. At least once a month, offer a discount such as two-for-one special to a customer who brings in a friend for a manicure or pedicure. Use smaller rewards, such as a free bottle of water during a visit, for customers who Like your Facebook page or Share your post.
  1. Pictures are worth a thousand words. This is especially true in the beauty industry. Be sure to post plenty of photos and videos of your work. Use before and after photos, include helpful tips with your photos or post videos of a customer enjoying a make-up session. Just be sure to get your customer’s permission if they will be identifiable in the photo. You can find simple photo usage forms online.
  1. Post content regularly. You don’t have to post content every day, but the more content you have—and the more often you have it—will help you retain viewers and encourage them to share with friends. Even just a quick tip of the day can keep people coming back to your pages.
  1. If you are using Pinterest, hold a pinning contest on your website by encouraging customers to pin an image of one of your hairstyles or manicures to their Pinterest boards. Offer a small prize to either a random pinner, or the pin that has the most re-pins.

Picking the Best

cosmetology school in West Palm BeachBut before you can get to the point where you are advertising your services, you’ll need to graduate from a quality cosmetology school in West Palm Beach and get your cosmetology license. Your best bet when it comes to an affordable cosmetology school in West Palm Beach is the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers.

Not only are we affordable, but we also offer a top-notch education that will help you ace your cosmetology license exam and launch you on a successful career with many happy customers.

Our cosmetology school in West Palm Beach provides 1200 hours of training so that you will be fully prepared to work in a professional environment and fully equipped with the skills you need to help your customers. Because cosmetology is such a wide area of study, encompassing hair, skin, nails and makeup, you will learn a variety of skills, though you will choose one area of emphasis.

Examples of some of the surprising skill you will learn at our cosmetology school in West Palm Beach are the anatomy of skin, hair and nails, chemistry as required for creating hair tints and dyes, business management for attracting clients and managing inventory, and interpersonal skills for relating well to a variety of different clients.

So give us a call today at 561-547-6333 to see how we can help you get started in your career in cosmetology!

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