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Two Ways to Wash Clip in Hair Extensions

Two Ways to Wash Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions is definitely the preferred method of lengthening hair. There are two general reasons for wearing them, the first being to maintain a certain look while you are attempting to make your hair grow. That’s a pretty common reason, but the other reason would be to allow yourself to enjoy two different styles. For example, you could maintain short hair while putting in long hair from time to time. Extensions are not only fun, they are extremely easy to use. With that being said, yes, having them is cool, but maintaining them can be a serious challenge.

One of the biggest problems that you’re going to run into with your hair extensions is the fact that they don’t seem to hold their shine – by which we mean the original shine that they had when you first purchased them. In the end, they start to look pretty scraggly, even if you purchased some of the higher end human hair extensions over the synthetic ones. Though it is not always taught in cosmetology school in Florida, there are ways to maintain our clip in hair extensions, and this is a knowledge that you may want to pass along to your clients. Today we’re going to discuss two of the most common methods for making sure that your hair extensions look great.

Washing and Drying

hair extensionsIf your hair extensions are made from real, human hair, then they’re going to eventually become dirty like real human hair. With that in mind, you can use the typical shampoo and conditioner while understanding that they work just like human hair. So, keep this in mind:

  • Shampoo – Opens the hair follicles so that the cuticles can be cleaned.
  • Conditioner – This closes the hair follicle and conditions it so that it will be shiny and smooth.

Now that we have those two items out of the way, let’s talk about how you can use the products with your hair extensions. First of all, you need to use high-quality products, just as you would with your own hair. In other words, try to avoid using anything that you would pick up from a drug store. The second point that we want to make, is that you will want to treat this just as you would your own hair.

With that, take three buckets, filling each one with water. Once that is done, add conditioner to one, and shampoo to the other. From here, you can move each hair section from the water to the shampoo, and then to the conditioner. Wash each one thoroughly and then hang them up to dry. Remember to thoroughly wash each one, as if you leave the conditioner on, it will actually stiffen after you finish the wash, forcing you to use a styling comb to free it up.

Use Products and Leave-In Conditioner

There are some who will swear that you should absolutely never get your hair extensions wet, and maybe, just maybe there is something to that logic. In the event that there is, we strongly recommend trying something a little different, such as a silicone-based leave in conditioner rather than a water-based conditioner. Leave-ins, combined with serums will help to keep the hair in great shape and will ultimately help you every single time you wear it. The only downside is that these cleaning solutions can be expensive and come in very small quantities. So, be ready to replace them on a regular basis.

Keeping your hair extensions clean can present a serious challenge, but a school of cosmetology in Florida will be more than ready to help you prepare for that eventuality.


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