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What an Affordable Cosmetology School Can Teach you About Hair Irons

What an Affordable Cosmetology School Can Teach you About Hair Irons

Hair irons are excellent styling tools that are used to straight out and change the texture of hair. The use of a hair iron means having the ability to straighten out hair so it’s sleeker and smoother. Taming frizzy hair and flattening out curls is much easier with the use of a hair iron, but what else is there to this unique styling tool? What can a cosmetology school in Florida teach you?

The Difference in Materials

Flat irons may seem cut and dry, but there is more to them than first meets the eye. One of the first topics students will need to become familiar with at our cosmetology school in Florida is the types of materials flat irons use to straighten out hair. The main two are tourmaline and ceramic which are hotly debated about one being faster than the other.

Tourmaline is a newer material that straightens out hair faster than flat irons due to negative ions located in this semi-precious stone. Flat irons coated in tourmaline are able to straighten out hair in fewer passes so you’re not spending a long amount of time using it.

Ceramic is the tried and true material of the beauty industry when it comes to hair straightening, but it comes with a few caveats to keep in mind. Cheaper ceramic flat irons tend to crack over time or wear away exposing the steel plates underneath. Ceramic flat irons that begin to chip can also snag hair and cause it to tear and burn unless people are careful. There are benefits and drawbacks to using both, but it also depends on preference.

How to Achieve Longer Lasting Results

One of the other neat tricks prospective students can expect to learn at our affordable cosmetology school is how to achieve longer lasting results with a flat iron. Hair straightening is a styling technique with results that can vary unless you know what to do. One of the tips people are not aware of is prepared beforehand to make straightening results more effective.

Shampooing and conditioning hair before straightening goes a long way to ensure it’s easier to straighten. The reason for this is to make sure there is nothing blocking the heat from changing the structure and texture of the hair. Hair that is washed and brushed out beforehand will make heat distribution more even and increase straightening results. This will also help to prevent heat damage from occurring when applying a flat iron to hair.

How to Use Styling Tools Effectively

The other topic of discussing that comes up often at cosmetology schools in Florida is the correct way to use a flat iron. You would be surprised how few people realize how to use a flat iron correctly to prevent heat damage to their own hair and burning their fingers when handling one. Using a flat iron does require a certain skill set that is not hard to master, but it does mean being patient and careful.

Another aspect to keep in mind when using a flat iron is different hair types will require changing the settings of the hair straightener. The rule of thumb to keep in mind when straightening hair out is the thinner and finer the hair, the lower the temperature needed to straighten it out. The thicker the hair, the higher the temperature needed to straighten it out.

Learning how to use a flat iron to style hair is only one of the many hair styling techniques you can expect to learn at cosmetology schools in Florida. Once you learn how flat iron works and how to use it effectively, you’ll be able to deliver salon-style results without batting an eye.


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