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What Happens after Cosmetology School Orlando?

cosmetology school OrlandoOnce you graduate your cosmetology school Orlando you will discover that you have a very important task: finding a job. You have the skills, you have the knowledge, and you have the ambition, but just as with any other job search you will probably be filling out applications and be doing interviews for what seems like an endless amount of time. You may or may not land the job you want initially, and sometimes you may find yourself relegated to actually renting chair rather than being a full-fledged employee at a salon. As with any other career, it is something that will require you to work your way up from the bottom.

Booth Rental after Cosmetology School Orlando

One of the most common practices for new cosmetologists fresh out of school is the booth rental. This entails purchasing a booth, or simply paying rental costs for a set period of time. The idea is for you to make a profit while paying for the salon owner’s overhead, though it doesn’t always work out well for you in the end. The biggest problem with booth rental is that you will need to build your own client list and you may be in direct competition with others at the salon. In addition to that, in some salons you will only earn commission from the jobs you do. On one hand that gives you the opportunity to build up your reputation but on the other hand it means that a slow day could see you coming up short with rent money. Some who do booth rentals end up holding a second job until they are able to establish themselves a little better.


Even after you graduate a school of cosmetology Orlando you may feel that you need bit more training and there are actually quite a few salons out there that offer apprenticeship programs. Sometimes these are paid, sometimes they are not, but they allow you to hone your skills and serve your customers better. After all, your entire job is to make your customers look good, and when your work is literally on their head, you can’t afford to make a mistake. Learn everything you can, and make sure that your education at our school for cosmetology Orlando serves you will for many years to come.

Striking Out on your Own

school for cosmetology OrlandoOne of the greatest parts of having a cosmetology degree is the ability to use it virtually anywhere. In other words you don’t have to wait for a salon to pick you up, you can start cutting hair whenever you please. You have the skills, you have the knowledge, so why wait? You can build your own client list and even bring them with you in the event that you actually get a job at a salon. It really is that simple. Once people begin to trust you with their hair care, you can visit them at their homes and etch out a decent living for yourself. Cosmetology offers so many different possibilities!

As you can see, there are plenty of great career opportunities available in the field of cosmetology and it won’t be long before you’ve managed to carve out a niche for yourself in a growing industry that affects millions of people every single day. You might be working in a salon, you could be working on people’s nails, doing makeup, or you could find that you do better in a health spa. No matter what your calling happens to be in this field, a good school for cosmetology Orlando will help you to get there. The best part about the entire situation is the cost. You will quickly discover that unlike most other schools, a more focused school for cosmetology will come at a better price, help with job placement and ultimately help you to build a career. It’s time to stop hoping for the future, and time to start running toward it with open arms. We can definitely help you to get started with that.



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