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What is an Esthetician and Should You Become One?

What is an Esthetician and Should You Become One?

Estheticians are skin care specialists who help their clients to attain greater outer beauty by caring for their skin. They provide a range of services that include exfoliation, cleaning, laser, wax, moisturize, and applying makeup to enhance their client’s appearance.

People often look to them for recommendations to improve their skin quality or other beauty services. One example is chemical peels that can be used to reduce wrinkles and fine lines; alongside laser and wax for the removal of unwanted hair.

How Do You Know if it’s the Right Career Choice for You?

Skin care school is the place where you’ll take your first steps towards your new career. You’ll be able to start learning and gaining the skills you need for a successful career. The question is, is it the right one for you?

You will be coming face-to-face with clients on a daily basis which will require having excellent communication skills and the ability to remain professional even with indecisive or difficult clients. People who enter this career field should enjoy interacting with other people on a regular basis, along with a passion for helping people look their best.

After attending skin care school, specialists in this career field have to learn to recognize serious skin problems. The reason for this is many clients choose to return to the same skin care specialist they trust since they know the type of services they prefer and require to look their best. Skin care specialists with repeat clients will recognize immediately if there is a change in their client’s skin and they may have to refer them a to a dermatologist if the issue is serious.

What is it Like Being an Esthetician?

Our skin care school helps to prepare students for a career in this industry so they’re ready to pursue opportunities once they graduate. Students receive hands-on training over the course of their attendance so they can continue to develop the necessary skills to help their clients look their best. This helps our students to gain the confidence they need to excel in the program and to provide better service to their clients.

There is also quite a bit of learning that goes on in the classroom too alongside the hands-on training. We teach students other aspects of the industry like a chemist and how to stay competitive in such a demanding career field. People in this career have to develop the business sense to market their skills effectively to attract clientele and to provide the necessary services to help clients look their best.

While our skin care schools help students to learn the necessary skills for this career field, they have to be prepared to put in the work to succeed. Estheticians have to be in tune with their clients to understand their needs and how certain skin types may respond to different treatments. The career of an esthetician is a constant balancing act of continually sharpening their business and communication skills to remain competitive.

One of the challenges of studying at skin care schools is many who enter this career field learn to be independent business professionals. Many people in this career field don’t receive an hourly wage and when they’re unable to take in clients, they take a hit. This goes hand in hand with being in control of your career and places more responsibility on your shoulders. While it may be harder to get started in this career field, you’re also building a strong foundation from the ground-up.

Even with all the challenges facing you in this career field, being an esthetician is a rewarding experience. You’ll find you have many options for employment in the future and have the chance to pursue other job opportunities over the course of your career.


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