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What Is Electrology and What Are the Career Options for an Electrologist?


If you are looking into a career at beauty school, there are so many available fields and directions that you can take to find the best career to suit you. If skin care is something that interests you, consider the exciting and growing field of electrology!

What Is Electrology?

Electrology, or electrolysis, is the practice of electrical epilation to permanently remove hair. In the state of Florida in order to perform Laser Hair Removal one must be a Licensed Electrolgist. Electrology is a prerequisite to Laser Hair Removal.

The performance of electrology involves taking a thin probe and sliding it into the hair follicle. Then, electricity is delivered into the follicle where it damages the area that causes hair to grow.

Electrolysis does not damage the skin, and will, in time, leave clients with soft, smooth skin that they are unable to attain with a razor. Unlike waxing and shaving, electrolysis kills the follicle so hair is unable to grow back. It is a permanent treatment that many clients are looking for.

What Are the Career Options for an Electrologist?

An electrologist will attend beauty school where they will learn all of the techniques needed to run an electrology machine and laser. After they are licensed, they will have an array of career options ahead of them. Electrology is a highly in-demand service that is projected to grow steadily in time. Electrologists can find jobs in salons, spas, skin care centers or dermatologist offices.

A major benefit to being an electrologist is that becoming an entrepreneur in your field can be easy. It is relatively inexpensive to start your own laser hair removal service and business. The average salary of an electrologist is anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000 a year. Salary is based on the type of office you work in, so commissions and salaries can vary widely. Also keep in mind these numbers don’t account for any gratuities you receive.

Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers can help you begin your career as an electrologist.

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