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What will you learn at a School of Cosmetology Orlando?

Do you enjoy working with people? Are you the girl doing hair and make-up for your girlfriends?  If you have a knack for it, maybe you can make it into a career as well.

What is Cosmetology?

school of cosmetology OrlandoCosmetology goes far beyond simply cutting and styling hair. Cosmetology seeks to beautify the whole person, hair, of course, but also the face and the skin. So what does a cosmetologist do? Cosmetologists are experts in their field, keeping abreast of new trends and techniques to bring their clients the latest and best beauty treatments available. A cosmetologist has been trained in all aspects of beauty.

Cosmetology training teaches professionals everything there is to know about skin and specialized treatments in skin care. Upon graduating cosmetology school students will be not only hairstylists but also estheticians. Estheticians are skin care specialists, trained in all aspects of skincare and cosmetic treatments. Cosmetology school graduates will be prepared to work in a dermatology practice, spas, and/or medi-spas to name a few. They are licensed to perform all types of skincare including micro-dermabrasion and chemical peels.

The World of a Cosmetologist

A cosmetologist, aside from styling and cutting hair, also is able to do makeup and may even participate in some makeup product design. Some cosmetologists work in the field as a private beauty consultant, and some will even become a business owner by opening their own salon. You may be surprised to learn that cosmetologists also work in hospitals where they work with people who are unable to take care of their own bodily cleaning. They help these people with their skin care routine to keep them from developing skin problems. You also may be surprised to learn that cosmetologists may also work in the funeral industry preparing the dearly departed for their funeral.

You can become a nail art specialist or specialize in manicures and pedicures. Fashion and style are always in style and this field is wide open for a licensed cosmetologist. You can even get into performing hair and makeup in the movie industry. There really is a huge job market for cosmetologists.

School Of Cosmetology Orlando

The Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers can train you to be a highly skilled cosmetologist to land your dream job. They offer programs including skincare, laser hair removal, and nails. They also offer programs for massage therapy. Students taking classes full time are able to graduate in approximately one year; some students will take more intensive or dual programs that may require a bit more time. You may also attend cosmetology school part-time and expect to graduate in two years or less. Your course schedule will expose you to all areas of cosmetology, but you will choose one skill to emphasize based on your projected career path.

Prepare To Be Surprised

cosmetology school OrlandoNaturally, there are some things you will expect to learn in cosmetology school Orlando such as how to style hair, apply perms and relaxers, administer skin treatments and give manicures and pedicures. However, I bet there are some things you never expected to learn on your way to becoming a licensed cosmetologist.

While in the school of cosmetology Orlando you will study anatomy. If you thought only doctors in training studied anatomy, think again. In order to perform the duties of a cosmetologist, each. How are they made? How are skin, hair and nails formed? How can cosmetology help to promote healthier skin? You’ll learn about things like dermabrasion and other procedures that can help skin to look and feel better. Also, learn how your clients can keep their nails strong and healthy and avoid conditions such as nail fungus, and also how to treat nail fungus. Knowing the inner workings of how hair grows and what to do to keep it healthy can assist you in helping clients with damaged hair from various chemical processes.

The art and practice of chemistry is a fundamental process in working with different types of hair treatments such as coloring, perming, relaxing and other treatments. You must learn how to properly prepare and apply these chemicals to not only give your clients what they asked for but also protect their hair from potential damage that can occur if chemicals are used incorrectly.

Another possibly surprising skill that you will learn in cosmetology school is how to manage a business. Regardless of whether you work in someone else’s salon or own the salon, you will need to be proficient in managing and possibly ordering inventory, participate in marketing and promoting to attract new clients and accepting payments for services. Some salons may request that you bring with you or try to attain new clients, as well as promoting certain products carried by the salon. The skills you learn in cosmetology school can help you on your way.

Last, but certainly not least you will study interpersonal communications. Anytime you work with the public, you need to be able to connect to your clients. Having a stylist that is personable and friendly is something every customer appreciates. Unfortunately, sometimes you will be required to work with a disgruntled or cranky customer, those who don’t know quite what they want and those who are adamant about having their hair or nails done in a certain fashion. Learning how to work through these situations with grace and good humor is a huge part of your job. You can expect to be well-prepared for this area of your job as well.

Cosmetologists have fascinating and enjoyable careers in their chosen field. If you think this is for you, now is your time to shine.


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