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What You Can Do with a Degree in Cosmetology?

Do you love pampering other people, teaching them how to take care of their bodies externally, and initiating improvements with their appearance? If so, a career in cosmetology may be for you. Maybe you’ve heard of cosmetology school, but you’re not quite sure what opportunities it may hold for you. If you think you may be interested in cosmetology school, look no further than one of the best and most affordable cosmetology schools in the country for a range of opportunities that you will love. One thing is for sure, the demand for cosmetologists and others working in the world of personal appearance is skyrocketing, and projected to grow even further. What does this mean? Selecting the right cosmetology school and following your passion will only lead to security and success in the field of your choosing. So, what can you do with a degree in cosmetology?

You Can Do Hair

cosmetology schoolOne of the most well known fields in cosmetology is hair styling. Hair stylists help their clients maintain the fresh and vibrant look that they’re seeking, whether it be with a whole new style or simply maintaining the look they have. Hair stylists are very skilled in creating from a blank slate, and for maintaining one that’s already well established. Hairstylists are usually equipped to cut, color, and style hair to varying degrees based on experience and their studies. Hair dressers find careers in chain and boutique salons, and some even venture out to start their own business as a personal hair dresser for on location events.

You Can Do Make Up

Make up artists both apply make up for and instruct their clients on proper application. They work with color and contours to highlight features of the face that often go underplayed (or overplayed). They use every kind of make up for every kind of application, from lip gloss to concealer to foundation. Certain make up artists are also qualified to implement skin care regimens for their clients to improve complexion, that may include cleansers, moisturizers and oils. Make up artists often find careers at make up counters in stores, with spas and salons, or individually by starting a unique business of their own.

You Can Do Nails

Nothing says “pamper” like having your nails done, whether it be a manicure or a pedicure. These types of services usually include proper nail treatment, therapeutic aromatherapy and exfoliation, and a massage of the extremities. Nail technicians improve the quality of the nails on the hands and feet, and often apply synthetic nails or other means of nail improvements for clients. Nail salons dot suburbs and cities just as much, if not more, than hair salons do – a career in nails will ensure that you always have a job as long as you love what you do.

You Can Focus on Skin Care

cosmetology schoolEstheticians are professionals who perform skincare treatments, like facials and hair removal treatments and massages. Licensed estheticians use cleansing products, oils, and other products to help their clients improve and maintain clear complexions and bright skin without blemishes. While they’re well-versed in skin conditions and can treat them topically and homeopathically, they’re not qualified to diagnose or treat conditions medicinally, as a dermatologist would do.

Hair stylists, make up artists, estheticians and nail technicians are among the most popular career choices in the field of cosmetology. No matter what your passion is within the field of cosmetology, the most important thing to remember is that any career offers numerous benefits in regards to the options and flexibility in work-life-balance. For example, you may choose to work independently with your own business, or to work for a business as a contracted employee. Regardless, you’ll always have the choice to work part time, to work full time, to work only week days or only weekends. This flexibility and versatility alone makes the career in cosmetology appealing. When you pair the flexibility, job security and no ceiling opportunity for success with your passion and a cosmetology school that you can afford? It seems as though you can’t go wrong with a degree in cosmetology!



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