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Why Career Oriented Schools are a Great Alternative to Four Year Colleges

Why Career Oriented Schools are a Great Alternative to Four Year Colleges

The Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers is your local cosmetology school in West Palm Beach. From makeup and beautification to hair and skin care, we offer a variety of classes designed to prepare you for a rewarding and enriching career. If looking for a new job or career change, our cosmetology school in West Palm Beach, FL, features industry experienced instructors and specialists. In fact, these experts have worked in cosmetology and many or owned their own boutiques, parlors and spas. With classroom courses and hands-on training, we effectively prepare you to begin a new career in this challenging and competitive industry.

Why Career Orientated Schools?

There are several benefits of career orientated schools in cosmetology. For one, you have access to a wealth of resources and instruction from industry professionals. You also get to learn about hair design, makeup application, and skin care with real-time demonstrations and results. Students are able to access flexible class and coursework schedules. Most of all, our school of cosmetology in West Palm Beach is affordable since we offer financial aid and assistance to those who qualify. You can also graduate in as little as a year. With the cosmetology industry demanding new professionals and specialists, now is the right time to enter a field that offers true opportunities at every turn.

How Many Hours are Needed to Graduate?

Our cosmetology schools in West Palm Beach must meet all state standards. In fact, these criteria are essential for students to graduate with the skills they need to obtain a state certification. While classroom and training hours vary by state, Florida requires cosmetology students to complete at least 1200 hours at a professional school. This includes cosmetology courses, classroom instruction, online instruction, and hands-on training. At the Hollywood Institute, we teach our students the following techniques in order to help them to prepare for employment after graduation:

  • cosmetology in West Palm BeachSkincare, hairstyling, nail care, and beautification/makeup
  • Hair-design, highlights, weaves, perms, and tapping into the current hair styles and trends
  • Pedicures, manicures, cuticle treatments, nail polish, nail polish remover, and designs and patterns
  • Facials, threading, weaving, blemish removal, makeup removal, cosmetic tattooing, dermabrasion, eyebrows, skin rejuvenation, skin replenishment, and revitalizing pores to secure natural skin vibrancy and youthful appearance
  • Aesthetic beautification enhancements, bridal makeup, optimal skin care, acne removal, spots removal, tones, shades, tints, and complete skincare solutions via topical creams and ointments
  • Professional Cosmetology courses designed to help student with skill needed to start their own businesses one day if they choose
  • Beauty parlors, salons, spas, and intricate knowledge of how cosmetologists and aestheticians are able to secure rewarding and lasting careers

What Programs do we Offer?

Hollywood InstituteAs your professional cosmetology school in West Palm Beach, we are proud to offer a full range of programs for all new and existing students. This includes massage and therapeutic remedies, along with skin and nail care courses. We also feature the hair design and hair stylist classes, including live demonstrations from professionals in the industry. No matter which program you choose, you are guaranteed a comprehensive platform that teaches you the right skills needed to meet all client needs. From job placement assistance to interview practice, resume writing help and more, our expert staff is always available to help you build a successful and exciting future in cosmetology.

If looking to enter the world of cosmetology, go no further than the Hollywood Institute. Our graduates have gone on to the some of the many positions in cosmetology and aesthetics. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to schedule a campus tour and career consultation – and start your way to a new career today!


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