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Client Questions: Why Does Hair Stop Growing?

Client Questions: Why Does Hair Stop Growing?

One of the most common questions that we tend to see from clients and students at any cosmetology school in Hollywood, is why hair stops growing. Yep, this is a real concern, and there are some people who are extremely lucky when it comes to their hair growth. They simply allow their hair to grow out and it reaches inconceivable lengths. Well, those people ARE indeed extremely lucky, because there are many who actually find that their hair simply stops growing at a specific length.

For example, if you have curly hair and you’re attempting to grow it out, it appears to stop just above the shoulders, though it almost always curls up, and when it does, it appears ratty or simply shorter than it actually is. Well, that’s not a situation you want to be in, but it does happen to many people. That being said, it’s a situation that you need to address, but what’s causing it and how can you make it better?

The Nutrient and Oil Conundrum

Okay, the first thing we want to address, and probably the first thing that we’re going to tell you at our school of school in Hollywood, is that if your hair is going to thrive, it needs to receive all of its normal natural oils. Is your hair actually doing that? Well, here’s something important for you to consider: if you have curly hair, those natural oils are going to have a much harder time reaching the end of the follicle. You can try straightening your hair, but if you don’t want to go to the trouble, we would strongly recommend seeking out a serum that will give it the nutrition it needs.

It Could Be Genetics

You typically cannot do anything about genetics, though if you speak to your physician, you could potentially gain some insight as to what the problem is. If it is, in fact, a genetic problem, then you might want to look into alternative solutions.

Diet and Maintenance

untitled-2One of the biggest mistakes that people tend to make when they are trying to grow hair is assuming that it’s all about treating the roots and the ends. Sometimes the problem is actually within your body, which makes it extremely important for you to start looking into potential dietary issues. There are foods that encourage keratin production, and those that will encourage blood flow to your follicles, which will, in turn, allow more hair to grow. For more information, speak with your physician, or talk to a nutritionist. With the right diet and bodily maintenance, the hair you have always wanted might, in fact, be right around the corner.

Lack of Care

logFinally, you should make sure that you’re giving your hair the care that it deserves. Seriously, this is a problem that way too many people have. You need to ensure that you’re using quality products and that those products are being used properly. For example, don’t use anything that came from a drugstore! Use products that are infused with Argan oil, and always ensure that you’re protecting your hair with a nutrient enriched hair mask. This will encourage growth while protecting the hair.

These are tips that you can use for yourself, but they are also tips that you can pass right along to your clients to help the process of hair growth. Keep them in mind, and make your clients happy!


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