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Wrinkle Reducing Techniques from the School of Cosmetology

Afraid of looking old before you’re ready? At the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, you’ll be able to learn things such as laser hair removal treatments, haircuts, manicures, nail and makeup applications, and more. If you’re hoping to work in a beautician capacity, you’ll end up learning how to take care of your skin, and avoid aging prematurely. For instance, these are some of the wrinkle reducing techniques you’ll learn from the School of Cosmetology.

Protect From the Sun and Wind

School of CosmetologyOne of the first things you’ll hear to avoid getting wrinkles is to wear sunscreen. Being outside all day is a great and wonderful thing, but it also can cause concern if you’re not properly protected. Apply sunscreen once every four hours, even if it’s cloudy outside, and wear a hat to protect yourself from the worst of the sun. It’s recommended to wear at least 30SPF, though we usually say the stronger the better. When it comes to wind, try to keep a layer of sunscreen on your face, or at the very least a lotion of some kind.


Sleep is not for the dead! Sleep is for the forever young, and every cosmetologist knows it. Sleeping gives your body time to relax from the day’s events, and gives your skin time to heal. A good sleeping schedule actually helps because your body begins to produce something called the Human Growth Hormone. This feeds the skin, basically, and allows it to remain youthful and healthy. The healthier your skin, the longer it takes to age and wrinkle. So yes, sleep is important, and you do need it every night!

Anti-Aging Creams

Though you don’t always have to apply an anti-aging cream, it does actually do what it promises to do. Most creams have levels of retinol or alpha-hydroxy acids, which help remove the older top layer of cells and increase the production of collagen. Collagen, what makes your skin stay healthy, helps keep wrinkles away by keeping your skin plump and full. Not enough collagen will cause wrinkles, since there won’t be enough filling for the face to stay smooth. The alpha-hydroxy acids are what help scrub off that top layer of skin, allowing the newer and healthier skin from underneath shine through. The retinol, which is a form of Vitamin A, is essential to your skin’s health, and as such works on a molecular level to help your skin heal from the damages it runs into with your every day life.

No Smoking

Smoking damages all sorts of things, such as your lungs and blood. However, did you know it also damages your face? The ingredients in cigarettes and the act of smoking a cigarette crease the area around your mouth, laying down a foundation for deeper wrinkles to grow. The ingredients also damage collagen, which damages the health of your skin. Ever wondered why chain smokers look so much older than they do? Their skin lost the elasticity and plumpness that it had before, and prematurely aged and wrinkled. So stop, or just don’t start smoking.

Use Moisturizer

On top of the other things you could apply to your face, there’s moisturizer. A moisturizer will help lock in your skin’s ability to stay moist throughout the day, which keeps your face looking clean and fresh all day long. Continued use of a moisturizer will help block the effects of wrinkling by keeping the skin, and in effect, the collagen, safe from wind, sun, and whatever else you encounter during the day.

Get Enough Omega-3s

School of CosmetologyFunnily enough, eating fish can help you look young longer! Fish, particularly salmon, contain a fatty acid called Omega-3. The fatty acid helps maintain your body’s production of collagen and healthy skin layers, allowing you to keep healthy and youthful from the inside out. Make sure you’re getting your daily requirements of Omega-3s, even if it’s in the form of a vitamin, and watch your skin become healthier with each layer shed.

Why Learn this From Our School?

While it might seem easy enough to just look online for your answers, and supplement your learning from another school with outside help, getting all the information in one place is the best way to go. At the Hollywood Institute, you’ll get access to trained professionals that know what they’re talking about, and have had plenty of experience in their line of work. You can ask them whatever questions you want, and you’ll get a real life answer. You can get one-on-one time with an expert to learn more than just these simple ways to reduce wrinkles. You’ll also be able to get a certificate to help support you in your new career in skin care. Learning from our school will give you a one-stop shop of education, real life examples, experience, and a worthwhile career. Contact us today for our program information!

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