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Your Career is Waiting – Attend Cosmetology School Now!

Your Career is Waiting – Attend Cosmetology School Now!

Thinking about studying for a new and exciting career in cosmetology? Our cosmetology school in West Palm Beach is the place to get started and gain the necessary skills for a fruitful career in cosmetology. The right schools care about your education as a student and help you to build the skills necessary to be successful in your chosen career choice.

Why Choose Cosmetology?

Cosmetology is the study and application of beauty treatments that can include pedicures, manicures, skin care, cosmetics, and even hair styling. Cosmetologists can choose to specialize in one area or have a well-rounded skill set. People interested in this career field want to choose the right school where they can receive the education they need from professional instructors and have real world experience. These real-world applications will help students to be prepared when they enter the world of cosmetology and work with clients, market themselves and their skills effectively while pursuing job opportunities in the beauty industry.

The First Step into Your New Career

Cosmetology SchoolThe decision to study for a career in cosmetology is an important one for many people. There is a growing demand for skilled professionals in the beauty industry and we’re here to prepare students for a career in cosmetology. our cosmetology school in West Palm Beach meets the state standards. Training and classroom hours do vary depending on the state, but Florida requires students to complete a total of 1200 hours at the minimum.

Being able to afford the education is another matter we know students consider before signing up to attend one of our programs. We understand the cost can be a little high for some students, but we’re here to help. You may be eligible for financial aid or scholarships to help cover the cost of supplies, uniform, books, and tuition. This way you’re able to attend our affordable cosmetology school in West Palm Beach without having to take on the full financial burden of your education right now.

What if You Don’t Have Time to Attend School Full-Time?

The other caveat with studying for a new career is having the time to complete your coursework. We understand not everyone has the ideal schedule to drop everything they’re doing and to attend classes. Many of our students have jobs outside of school or children they need to take care of while studying for a new career. We do have full and part-time classes available for students who don’t have a flexible schedule.

We do want students to understand if they attend classes part-time or they choose to take evening classes, completing their education will take longer. The convenience though will allow you to take care of responsibilities outside of school without having to compromise your schedule.

Receive Real World Experience

Hollywood InstituteOur cosmetology schools in West Palm Beach ensures students have hands-on experience when working with clients. Our fully functioning HI Salon & Spa allows you to work with the actual paying customer. You’ll have real clients sitting in your chair where you can practice your new techniques while getting a valuable experience you can take with you when entering the world of cosmetology.

We believe in hands-on experience because it helps students to develop their communication, marketing, and interpersonal skills when working with real clients.

Check out the school website for the list of classes available and feel free to get in contact with us when you’re ready to get started on your new career.


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