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Traditional Barber Shop Services

  Barbers do more than just cut hair. They’re stylists. Each time a client sits in their chair, they’re given the opportunity to create a new look. By offering traditional barber shop services, barbers can transform their clients and boost their confidence.  From beard shaping to hot towel treatments, discover how each of these services [...]

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What Is the Job Description of an Electrologist?

  If you’ve ever considered a career in the beauty industry, you have a wide variety of options available to you at the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, a cosmetology school in Orlando, FL. You can study everything from hair to skincare to makeup, and even train for a few careers that you might not [...]

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History of Cosmetology Schools

Since the Roaring Twenties, the field of cosmetology has continued to develop, expand, and become increasingly respected as a profession. 1920s and 1930s During the 1920s, neighborhood barbershops were the norm. What we think of today as a professional salon was practically unheard of. The professionalization of cosmetology didn't begin until the 1930s. With that increased [...]

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3 Makeup Skills Gained During Cosmetology School

If you're considering going to cosmetology school, but haven’t made up your mind yet, you may find that there is nothing standing in your way. If you aren’t sure exactly what you are going to learn while you’re there or if you will learn how to apply your understanding to situations in the real world, [...]

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Tips to Keep Your Skin Nourished

Keeping your skin healthy and nourished is always important, but especially during the dry winter months. Moisturizing your skin isn’t as simple as it seems, with so much information out there, it can be difficult to know exactly what you need to do to get the strongest, most beautiful skin possible. Read on to discover [...]

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The Tools & Equipment Used in Medical Assisting

If you look into medical assistant programs in Margate, FL, you’ll find that working as a medical assistant can be a rewarding career and that there’s a lot to learn before you get there. These programs will teach you how to interact well with your patients, families, and hospital staff, and they’ll also introduce you [...]

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Things to Know about Managing Your Nail Technician Business

Congratulations on completing your nail technology program at the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, one of the best cosmetology schools in Hollywood, FL. You may have a dream of opening your new nail salon. Over the next few years, you’ll probably continue to establish your client base as you have for the last several months [...]

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Barber School: Turn Your Natural Talent into a Professional Skill

A career should be about more than just paying the bills, since most working adults spend more time at work than doing any other single activity. If you find yourself drawn to the world of grooming and styling, a career as a barber might be the perfect way to connect passion and profession. Read on [...]

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