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Barber Program

900 hours | day & evening classes

Barber Classes
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Why us?
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Graduate with confidence

Our instructors are dedicated to their craft and believe in barbering. Whether you're just starting or are looking to expand services to a male clientele; becoming a licensed barber will open a multitude of opportunities for you, including:

  • Barber

  • Barbershop manager/director

  • Barbershop owner/operator

  • Hairdresser

  • Master barber

  • Trichologist celebrity barber/platform artist


As a licensed barber, you may also have the flexibility to create your schedule by being self-employed or running your own business. For example, many self-employed barbers travel with their equipment or rent a space to service their clients. You may even want to open your barbershop if you want specific clientele.

Hollywood Institute gives you the foundation to take on your journey to a life empowering Beauty, Health & Wellness to others through barbering. 

Focused on Your Success

Training in barbering at Hollywood Institute will give you much more than a license and a diploma.


You'll enjoy a vibrant atmosphere with countless networking opportunities and many other benefits when you join us.

From Milady Pro instruction and Redken Brew's education, our campus barber battles, to our lectures and live demos from masters in the industry, you'll learn how to greet, talk to, service, sell products to, and rebook your clients with your hands-on training in the HI Barbershop.


We train students to look, talk, and be professionals in Beauty, Health, & Wellness.

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You'll Learn:

Theory Topics:

History of Barbering

Infection Control: Principles & Practices

Basics of Chemistry

Properties & Disorders of the Hair & Scalp

Shaving & Facial Hair Design

Women's Haircutting & Styling

Preparing for Licensure & Employment

Nail Care

Life Skills

Implements, Tools, & Equipment

Basics of Electricity

Treatment of the Hair & Scalp

Men's Haircutting & Styling

Chemical Texture Services

Working Behind the Chair

Your Professional Image

General Anatomy & Physiology

The Skin- Structure, Disorders, & Diseases

Men's Facial Massage & Treatments

Men's Hair Replacement

Haircoloring & Lightening

The Business of Barbering

I attended this school and graduated from the Barber Program. Throughout my time attending this campus, I had a great learning experience! I was able to meet new people and learn a whole lot of different techniques there is to cutting hair. This is the best school to attend when it comes down to beauty and wellness! If you have ever thought about becoming a barber, don’t hesitate to take the first step towards your new career with Hollywood Institute!

Brian Santiago


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Barber Courses
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